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Xiaomi Redmi Band| Better Than Mi Band 4

Whatsup guys, In this Post I want to tell you about the new Xiaomi Redmi Band. The Xiaomi just launched its new Redmi Band. This Band can relace the market of the Xiaomi own Mi Band 4.You have better things in this band then Mi band 4.

Xiaomi Redmi Band


You have a Square shape display in the Redmi band. This Display is bigger than Mi Band 4. You have an OLED Display in this Band. And this display is a flat surface display. The colors and brightness of this band are very good and sharp. You have a multi-touch gesture in this band while mi band 4 only has a single gesture touch.


You have different straps options with this band which you can buy from the market but out of the box you have only one black color band strap available. The quality of the band is very unique, good, and premium.


The application that the Redmi band can support is Xiaomi wear. This application is available in Android and iOS both. Every Xiaomi wear or accessories can use this application. In this application, you will get all your recent data of the Band. With this application, you will also change the watch faces. This application has a lot of attractive looking watch faces and this application can update watch faces in daily routine.


You have many features available in this have continuous heart rate monitoring in this band. You have many sports features available in this band. You will also get notification features in it which means you will be notified when you receive a message or call on the phone. You will also get notifications of your favorite third-party apps like Whatsapp, Facebook twitter, etc. You also have stopwatch timer features available in this band. You will also control the music of your phone in the band.

They’re also a special feature in the Redmi Band is Themes option where you can change the watch face of the watch but also change the color theme of the watch.

The Redmi Band is waterproof which means you can use the band underwater at 50 meters. You can use this watch underwater without facing any problem.

The Redmi Band also supports the Sleep monitoring feature. This feature can track your sleep record and you will see this record in the Xiaomi Wear Application.


The Redmi Band comes with 130 MAH battery which means you will get a long battery life with this band. You can use this band to 15 -20 days according to your usage. If you disable auto heart rate rating on this band you will get a much better battery life with this.


This band cannot comes with any charger or wire. You can charge this band with the take of the strap of this band and you will get a plug. Simply plug that to any charger of the phone and your band starts charging.


The Redmi Band Comes with 3800 PKR/- Which is a good price according to the features.

My verdict:

The Redmi Band can target the audience that can buy a fitness band at a low price and get more features and a premium look. This band can get Also target the audience that can think to buy a Mi band 4 but this band can get more features then Mi band 4 but have more features then Mi band 4.This band also comes at a cheap price then Mi Band 4 and have a lot of new features then Mi band 4.

So let me know your thoughts about the new Xiaomi Redmi Band in the comments section below and as always I will See you tomorrow.

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