Xiaomi Note 9 Pro

Xiaomi Note 9 Pro|Does the Budget Banger is Back?

Xiaomi Note 9 Pro

The Xiaomi is released its Xiaomi Note 9 Pro. The $250 Phone that can take pictures which not even flagships can take. This is the successor from the budget king from the last year the Xiaomi note 8 pro. The Xiaomi Note 9 pro also known as Xiaomi note 9 max in some market. It has Big 30Watt Fast charger with a special type USB cable that is a huge jump from 18Watt fast charging to 30-watt Fast charging.

The Note 8 Pro from last year was my favorite budget phone and compared to that have there is the bar or not let’s take a deep dive.

The price is around $250 for the note 9 pro it is still one of the affordable phones on the market no matter where you live.


There is an interesting design changed compared to the last year model it looks bigger and more colorful still rocking glass back for the premiumness the headphone jack is still there we have a more modern punch-hole design which some people prefer over a notched side fingerprint scanner power button is a very welcoming change very quickly indeed.


The quad-camera in boxy setup still rocks the same 64 MP lens 8 MP Ultra-wide 2 MP Depth sensor and a 5 MP macro lens compared 2 MP of last Year Model. Now I Dont paid that much attention to it last time because I wasn’t impressed that much but this time I play with it and can’t stop using it. If you Use this in good lighting condition preferably outdoor you’ll get some great shots unless you come real close to the subject I mean I can not take these photos in $1300 iPhone because they don’t have a macro lens. It also lets you shoot 1080p Videos in macro mode.

Now like last year the 64 MP lens is still pretty good sharp results natural colors ultra-wide is here as well now possibly my favorite and another big improvement that I have seen compared to the last years model is better performance in pro mode to test out the pro mode I took the phone to really tough harsh dark conditions and the result in 64 MP Night Mode shot is just Insane.it has one of the best night mode feature in this price. You also shot 4k Video with this phone but it does not have OIS (Optical Image Stabilization )Sadly.

The front camera is 16 MP we have decent results there’s a good job in portrait mode too.

Now the other big important difference is the battery life which is now 5020 MAH now compared to the last year’s 4500 MAH Battery we also have 30 Watts of fast charging which is one of the fastest fast charging solutions on a budget phone at this price.30-minute a charge can give you around 50 % of battery which is almost lost you a full day if you are not gonna game a lot.


Now speaking of gaming Xiaomi decided to go with the Qualcomm 720G Chip this time around and I can see because it is an 8 NM chip vs 12 NM from last year’s model. We have a much more power-efficient chip cooler performance for longer gaming sessions while overall performance or benchmarks are more or less the same but it will be better for the battery.


the display is an FHD+ 6.6 inch IPS LCD panel now before I say I wish it this phone had an OLED panel the IPS display is not bad it’s still bright enough the color is nice and vibrant like most people in this price range we’re probably not gonna notice any difference because of the IPS display this phone is cheaper than some of the budget phones out there at least in most markets compared to the likes of Samsung but then again having an OLED display would have been amazing.

Now it comes with android 10 out of the box based on MIUI 11.


Xiaomi’s goal here is to create a smartphone that has all the features you need for an as low price as possible.

Key Features:

  • 8NM Qualcomm Chip (720G)
  • Bigger Battery (5020)
  • faster charging (30 Watt)
  • Gorilla Glass 5 (Back and Front)
  • And a Great camera experience.

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