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Top 5 Whatsapp new Update features 2020

Whatsapp is working to introduce WhatsApp new update features. Whatsapp is one of the best popular apps in the world with over 5 Billion users. The Facebook company can own this app. The company regularly updates this app and get new features to this app that makes the messaging experience even better.

Today in this post I want to tell you the WhatsApp upcoming features. The company is working to introduce the new updates in WhatsApp to get a more reliable messaging experience. The Whatsapp upcoming update has a lot of new and very useful features that everyone should know about it.

So without wasting any time lets talk about the upcoming WhatsApp features and upcoming WhatsApp changes 2020.

WhatsApp new update features

1.Multi-Device Support:

Whatsapp can finally be working on multi-device support. This feature is very useful if you have 2 or more phones and you can use one WhatsApp in two phones at a time. This feature is not available in the past if we use one WhatsApp in other phones the previous phone can remove your WhatsApp data automatically.

Now you can use up to four devices in a single account or a single number on WhatsApp. This a very useful feature for those who don’t use WhatsApp in some devices like iPad or others now you can use WhatsApp in all devices without any hesitation.

2.Whatsapp Data Analysis:

Whatsapp is working on the new feature that can manage your WhatsApp storage. Now you can analyze that which thing is consuming more storage in WhatsApp. You can simply see the consuming storage of any person or group chat that will show on the new WhatsApp analysis feature and there you can easily remove the most storage consuming thing.

3. Directly Using Social Media:

As you know WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. Now you can directly send messages to the person that has a Facebook account or even in Messenger or Instagram as well. Whatsapp also makes an algorithm for stopping the spam using this.

According to this feature if you have a Facebook account you don’t need any phone number to WhatsApp that person or if you have an Instagram account you don’t need a mobile number to WhatsApp the same person.

4.Vacation Mode:

Finally, Whatsapp is working on the vacation mode. If you turn on this feature you will only show the priority chats and the remaining chats are muted automatically if you enable this mode.

You can set the frequency according to your choice and the person message you in that given frequency the person’s message automatically be muted.

With this feature, you can also off your WhatsApp even while using your data.

5.Annotation Editing:

Now you can symmetrically edit your photos or status. With this feature, WhatsApp will help you to align your text or images with the guidelines.

With this feature, you get the aligned status just like the good photo and video editors. This feature is very helpful for those persons who use the Whatsapp Status Feature Widely and Effectively.

So these are Whatsapp new update features and changes. These features are not coming yet these all features are available in the beta version. But these features can surely come to the Whatsapp new update.

These are the Official Whatsapp features not GB Whatsapp Features. So don’t worry these WhatsApp features can officially be launched by the WhatsApp in the new update.

If you get this features frequently then you need to install new Whatsapp Beta Version.

So let me know your favorite feature of Whatsapp new update in the comment section below and as always I’ll see you tomorrow.

Peace 🙂

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