Whatsapp Latest Updates 2020

Whatsapp latest Updates 2020


Whatsapp is working to introduce WhatsApp latest updates features. Whatsapp is one of the best popular apps in the world with over 5 Billion users. The Facebook company can own this app. The company regularly updates this app and get new features to this app that makes the messaging experience even better.


Today in this post I want to tell you the WhatsApp upcoming features. The company is working to introduce the new updates in WhatsApp to get a more reliable messaging experience. The Whatsapp upcoming update has a lot of new and very useful features that everyone should know about it.

So without wasting any time let’s talk about the Whatsapp Latest Updates.

Whatsapp latest Updates 2020

1. Usage statics:

In Whatsapp Latest Updates, Whatsapp has changed its Usage Statics. Now you can deeply Know the memory Usage of your whatsapp. Now you can have Memory details of everything which cn consume your data. Now you can monitor anything about whatsapp memory in this whatsapp new update.

Now you also has a option called use less data on call that consume minimum data while you are on call.

2. Stickers:

Now you have many stickers option in this whatsapp new update. In this update whatsapp introduces many new stickers pack. You can send these stickers to your friends. You can also download custom sticker packs from Google play store as well.

3.Multi-Device Support:

Whatsapp can finally be working on multi-device support. This feature is very useful if you have 2 or more phones and you can use one WhatsApp in two phones at a time. This feature is not available in the past if we use one WhatsApp in other phones the previous phone can remove your WhatsApp data automatically.

Now you can use up to four devices in a single account or a single number on WhatsApp. This a very useful feature for those who don’t use WhatsApp in some devices like iPad or others now you can use WhatsApp in all devices without any hesitation. This Update is not work like Whatsapp Web its a clone whatsapp Feature.

4:Message while Offline:

There’s a trick that i can show you that you can send message to your Whatsapp numbers without showing them online. Simply open your Google assistant and say send message to “Contact Name” then type a message or send a voice note or anything according to your choice then say send and your whatsapp message is successfully send to that person without showing anyone online.

So these are the New Whatsapp Latest Updates. So let me know your favorite Whatsapp latest updates in the comment section below and as always I’ll see you tommorrow.

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