Top 7 Samsung Note 20 Ultra Tips & Tricks

Top 7 Samsung Note 20 Ultra Tips & Tricks

If you got your new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Then today I will show you the Top 7 Samsung Note 20 Ultra Tips & Tricks.

These apps that I will show you today will increase the functionalities and customization features. These apps will also help you to work efficiently and do things faster and easier and you just be able to have more fun with your new phone.

So without wasting any time let’s take a look at Top 7 Samsung Note 20 Ultra Tips & Tricks.

Top 7 Samsung Note 20 Ultra Tips & Tricks

1. Samsung Link Sharing (Ultra-Fast File Sharing):

If you want to share a big file with someone Fastly then Just Tap on that file which you want to send Click Share Than Tap on link sharing. It is Available on All Samsung Phones. It can give you a link you can copy and send that link where you can send your file. This Link can Active for 2 Days After That the link Expired.

You can Also Upload Multiple files and folders with that option. You can share up to 3 GB’s of Data using this Link Sharing Transfer.

2. Multiple Copy to Clipboard:

We can copy a bunch of things from different apps With this trick that I can show you today you can get all the Copy things of the past couple of days in your Edge panel. To turn on this feature.

Go to the Settings than Edge Panel And make sure the edge panel is Turned on. Then click on the Galaxy store. Now click on Top Free Category. Then search for clipboard edge panel download and Use this.

3. Copy Text From Image:

To copy text from the Image just go to that image open the edge panel and select the rectangle tool and place it nicely to that text that you can copy from the image. Now Click on Done. Now you have the option to Extract Text. Simply click on it and Now copy that text and paste that text where you can copy all the text.

4: Samsung Keyboard Tricks:

Samsung keyboard has many tips and tricks to use the keyboard in a faster and efficient way. If you want to write the text with a swipe of fingers just go to the Keyboard settings Go to the swipe touch and feedback then set keyboard swipe controls to the Swipe to type option.

5: Keyboard Trick 1.0:

if you can send any link to any social platform without going to that app. You can simply go to the platform where you can send that link now click on search on the keyboard and select that movie or any youtube video You have all the Social media Apps link available on your keyboard click that video or any file to send the link.

6: Bixby Routines :

If you want to add your personal battery saver option or any set routine of your phone. Open Bixby routine and make your own routine of your cell phone to anything on that time daily or any day or routine automatically.

7: Copy From PC to Phone: 

You can copy it from your desktop and paste it to your cell phone also. Simply open the Link to Windows Option on your Samsung Note 20 Ultra and open cross-device copy and paste. Now you can copy anything from your desktop and paste that thing to your Phone Directly.

So these are the top 7 Samsung Note 20 Ultra Tips & Tricks. So let me know your thoughts about the top 7 Samsung Note 20 Tips & Tricks in the comment section below.

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