Top 7 Powerful Android Apps 2020

Top 7 Powerful Android Apps 2020

What’s up guys, in this post I want to show you the top 7 Powerful Android Apps of October 2020. The Apps that I can show you today is the most unique apps that have Unique features that other apps do not have.

I will also provide you the download link of these Powerful Android Apps. So without wasting any time let’s talk about the top 7 Powerful Android Apps 2020.

Top 7 Powerful Android Apps 2020

1.Type Wise:

You can see many keyboard applications but this keyboard has many new features. The look of this keyboard is very clean and has a hexagon type shape. You can see the blank type buttons which has many functionalities you can set gestures according to your choice on this keyboard. You can swipe up the keyboard then your letters are in uppercase letters. 

This application also has many keyboard gesture undo and redo options. 

Download Type Wise


This application is very Unique and has many new features. With this app, you can set the IF This Than that Options on your phone. You can set anything with this app. You can also set your own setup with this app. 

Download IFTTT

3. Direct Chat:

This application has an android 11 Chat bubble in this app. The main purpose of this app is to show the notifications in the bubble form. You can also see WhatsApp and Instagram deleted messages with this app. You can also reply to messages directly with this app without Appear Online.

Download Direct Chat

4. Nu Display:

This application is an Always-On display app. With this app, you have an oxygen OS like AOD (Always on Display)on your smartphone. You can also customize the look and feel of AOD with this app.

Download NU Display

5. Body Messager Application:

This is basically a Funny Application. You can use your phone as a vibrator. This application has many modes of vibrating your mobile to use your mobile as a messager.

Download Body Messager

6. WA Box:

You cannot need any application to use your WhatsApp functionalities. With this app, you have 20 WhatsApp features like Whatsapp Status Download, Whatsapp Cleaner, Whatsapp Fake Chat and call, Whatsapp text repeater, Whatsapp Web, and many more WhatsApp features. So Download this app and enjoy Whatsapp Features.

Download WA BOX

7. Widget Screen Saver:

You can use your own Widget or Photo as a screen saver on your phone. This application is very good to use your own or pre-built widget as a screen saver. You can also set KWGT Widgets with this application as well.

Download Widget Screen Saver

Bonus Applications

8. Liquid Tear Down:

This application is very unique you can change the charging animations with this app. You can also have X-Ray Charging effects animation in this app. You can also customize the charging effects of color animation with this app. These animation looks very cool while your phone is on charging.

Download Liquid Tear Down

9. Sugar Cubes:

This is basically a KWGT widget. With this application, you can make many awesome looking widgets with this app. You can also have iOS 14 widgets and control panel widgets in this app. You can make your phone awesome using this application.

Download Sugar Cubes

So these are the top 7 Powerful Android Apps in October 2020. So let me know your favorite Powerful Android Apps on this list in the comment section below.

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