Top 7 Cool Android Apps 2020

Top 7 Cool Android Apps 2020

Hello Guys, I’m Back with the new Amazing article. In this post, I want to show you the Top 7 Cool Android Apps 2020. The Top Cool Android Apps that I will show you today is the best Android Apps that have Unique Features. I will also provide you the Apps link in the description.

So Without Wasting any time let’s take a look at 7 Cool Android Apps that you must try.

Top 7 Cool Android Apps 2020

1: Reachability Cursor:

In today’s world smartphone screen is so much big to use the smartphone with one hand is very hesitating. But with this App when you drag your screen from left or from right you have a cursor on the screen. So with help of this cursor, you will use your smartphone screen with your one hand easily and effectively.

If you disappear the cursor you can just leave him for a few seconds it will automatically disabled.

Download Reachability Cursor

2: Dub Music Player:

This is a music player app and is very good at looking and has a very minimalistic design. The look and feel of this music player are very minimal and good looking. This music player also has an equalizer option that will help you to adjust the bass ad treble according to your choice. The equalizer is also looking very minimal in look.

This application has the option to change the Music Visual effects with this app. You can also change the theme of this application. You have very Good 6 themes in the settings.

Download Dub Music Player

3: Picnic:

Picnic is a Photo editor app. You can change the background of the photo with this app in one tap. You can also Color grading of your photo with this app in only one tap with this application. if you can change the Photo Background with this app you only just have Sky on the background of the photo in order to change the background or color grading.

Download Picnic

4: Image Recognizer:

Image Recognizer is an app used to find product objects or anything details Just with capture a photo of this product. you can simply open the app and capture a photo of anything or product this application can let you about anything of that product. This application also lets you about that product video and details on all the social platforms or websites.

You can also choose the image of those products to know about that product details.

Download Image Recognizer


This is also a photo editor application. With this application, you can use the thunder effects fire effects snow effects, and many live effects on your photos with this application.

Download XEFX

6:Particle Live Wallpaper:

This is basically a Wallpaper Application. With this application, you have live wallpapers with the particle effects when you move your fingers there all the particle is being collected. You can use this application on your own then you will know about anything about that cool app.

Download Particle Live Wallpaper

7: Make Joke of Creator 2:

So with this application, you can make videos like the make of joke which is a very popular youtube channel. You can use this application easily. You can make awesome youtube videos with this application. You can insert your own voice and do many things with this application. You can also change the background scenes with this application.

Download Make Joke of Creator 2

So These are the Top 7 Best Cool Android Apps 2020. So let me know your favorite Cool Android App in the Comment section below.

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