Top 7 Awesome Android Apps

Top 7 Awesome Android Apps| 7 Android Apps that Everyone Should Know!

Hello Guys, Today I will show you the top 7 must-have Android Apps. As technology increases the developers also make new and unique features of android apps. So today I will show you the best free android apps that everyone should have on his phone. These apps are the awesome android apps that will shock your mind and you can also download these apps for free from Play Store app. 

So without wasting any time lets get into the list. I will also give you these android apps download links.

Top 7 Awesome Android Apps


 It is an awesome android app that everyone must-have. You can choose a category about your passion in this app and you will get new articles, videos, and podcasts about your chosen category. This application is very helpful for bloggers or content creators. This application also has dark mode features. This application updates daily to give you fresh content.

App Features:

  •  Get daily updates about your Passion.
  • Tons of latest and updated articles.
  • Dark Mode Features.
  • Choose the theme you like.

Download Podeo

2.i Call Screen:

It is a Dialer and Caller ID application based on the ios 14 caller theme. You can add different videos as well as the pictures in the background of the caller screen. You can also add custom images as well as videos in the caller background. This application also has the dialer like ios 14. This application also has a dark mode feature. This application also has a call announcer feature that will announce the name of the save contacts when you receive a call.

App Features:

  • ios 14 Like Caller Screen as well as Dialer.
  • Add Background images and videos.
  • Call the announcer feature.
  • Dark Mode.

Download I Call Screen

3.Material launcher:

This application is a launcher. This launcher has the minimal look and simple design. If you swipe from left to right you have a smart app feature or if you swipe from right to left you have your app drawer.

App Feature:

  • Clean Ui minimal design.
  • Simple Design look.

Download Material Launcher

4.Flash Bomb:

This application is very useful for parties. This application starts blinking flashes with the bass of the song that looks pretty awesome. This application also turns the flash on or off with the shake of the phone.

App Features:

  • Blinking flash with the bass of the song.
  • Shae to turn on or off flashlight of the phone.

Download Flash Bombs

5.Enlight Quick Shot:

It is a photo editing application. You can change the sky of any picture using this application with only one tap. This application has lots of effects that will enhance your image quality and colors. This application has a very simple UI design. This application is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Based Photo editor that will completely change the look of your photos.

App Features:

  • AI-Based Photo Editor.
  • Simple UI Design.
  • Enhance image quality or colors with only one click.
  • Change the Sky in only one click.

Download Enlight Quick Shot

6. Magic Call:

This application is a voice changer application. You can change the voice with this application even when you attend the call. You can choose the generation wise voice with this application. This application is very clean and works perfectly.

App Features:

  • Change your voice even when you are attending a call.
  • Clean UI.
  • Choose voice generation wise.

Download Magic Call

7.Mi Control Center:

This application changes the notification panel of your phone. It is based on the MIUI 12 control center and exactly looks like MIUI 12 control center. If you swipe from the left side you have a notification panel or if you swipe from the right side of the status bar you have control panel options. You also have a trigger button in this app you will also access the control center with the trigger buttons as well.

App Features:

  • Change the notification panel.
  • Clean UI Design.
  • Also, Control with Gestures.

Download Mi Control Center

So these apps are the best android apps in 2020. So let me know your favorite android app in this list in the comment section below and as always I’ll see you tomorrow.

Peace 🙂


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