Top 5 Best Android Hacks 2020

Top 5 Super Android Hacks (2020)

What’s up guys, in this post I want to show you the top 5 best Android Hacks in 2020.

These apps are the most unique Android Hacks that everyone should have on his Android Device. These apps that are listed in the list below have the most useful and powerful android hacks in daily life.

So without wasting any time lets get into the best free android Hacks 2020.

Top 5 Best Android Hacks

1.Google Chrome Tabs:

Google Chrome is one of the best Mobile and Pc browser. Almost everyone is using this browser in his daily life. If you use another tab in google chrome you can go to another tab and there you can use one tab at a time but today with this trick you can use two tabs at the same time in google chrome Mobile.

Simply go to the Google Chrome and open the browser in a split mode in your smartphone and choose any other application for temporary use. Then go to the chrome and click on three dots and click on the open in Move to another Window and your Google chrome tab can open in another window and you can use 2 google chrome tabs at the same time.

2.Google Caller ID:

True Caller is one of the best apps for the caller to see a person’s name if your phone does not have the number saved on your phone. But Now Google has released its own Google Caller ID that will help you to see the name of the contact that is not saved on your contact list.

You also have Clean Default Caller or Dialer in your Phone like Stock Android. This Caller ID also has the feature to auto Block the Spam Call.

3.Phone Call Editor:

With this app, you can change your call log. You can set the call log according to your choice. You can also replace the attend call name and number. You can also add the fake call log with this application. This Android Hack is one of the best android hacks in my opinion. With this application, you can Prank your friends.

Download Phone Call Editor

4.Video Stabilizer:

There’s a lot of phones that don’t have a video stabilizing feature. This is the hardware feature to stable your videos but with this trick, you can stable your videos even your phone does not have the video stabilization.

Simply go to the app called Google Photos. Almost every phone has this app if you don’t have this app download this app from the play store. Open the Google Photos App and select the video you want to stable then click on the edit button and there you can see a stable icon click that icon and your video is being stabilized.

So with this trick, you can stable your videos even when your phone does not support stabilizing.

Download Google Photos

5.Fast Animations:

If your Phone speed is slow and you want to speed up your smartphone speed instantly without deleting anything you can simply go to the developer’s option. If you don’t enable developers option simply go to the settings about the phone and click on build number 7 times. The developer’s option is now enabled.

Now go to developers option and look for window animation scale and set it to no animation and 0.5x. After that go for the Transition Animation scale and also set it to no animation or 0.5x. Then look for the Animator duration scale and set it to no animation or 0.5x.

After this You can feel fast Opening apps in your old or new smartphones.

So these are the Top 5 best Android Hacks. So let me know your favorite Android Hack in the comment section below and as always I’ll see you tomorrow.

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