Top 5 Powerful Android Apps

Top 5 Powerful Android Apps in August 2020

What’s up guys, In this post I want to tell you about the top 5 powerful android apps in august 2020. Today we are going to explore the top 5 powerful android apps that are unique features that other apps do not have. So without wasting any time lets move on the topic.

Top 5 Powerful Android Apps at a glance

1.Ultra Pix.


3.Always On

4.Face Tune



Top 5 Powerful Android Apps

1.Ultra Pix:

This is a wallpaper application but has a different and unique feature than any other wallpaper application. This app has live wallpapers, still wallpapers, 4K wallpapers but this is the normal thing but this application has the Notch Live Wallpaper Effect that looks amazing and unique. You have different types of notch live wallpapers in this application.

App Features:

  • Live wallpapers.
  • Notch Wallpapers.
  • Live Notch Effect Wallpapers.
  • Still Wallpapers.
  • 4K Wallpapers.

Download UltraPix


This android application is also a very nice and unique feature application. You will get Rooted features on your phone without rooting your device. You have rooting modules features in this app without rooting your device. You also have many rooted apps available on this phone like App locker, Ambient Display, and many more features. You also have android modes available in this app. This application just performs like an android Xposed Installer.

App Features:

  • Rooting Apps without Root.
  • Rooting Modules without Root.
  • Change Android Phone Features without Root.
  • Add Root Features without Root.

Download Cometine

3.Always On:

This Application is a very useful android application. You will get all phones Always-On display in one app. This app does not add an always-on feature on your phone but this application has all the smartphones always on display in this application like Samsung Always-On display, One Plus Always-on display, and all the other brand’s always-on displays. This application is not available in the android play store you can download this app from F-Droid.

4. FaceTune:

It is a photo editor application. You can edit your photos with this application. This app has a lot of stunning features and unique features than any other editing app do not have. You can edit your dull photos with stunning attractive looking photos with this application without losing originality. This application can edit your photos with original looking effects that no one can even point out that this photo is edited.

App Features:

  • Editing your dull photos in stunning and attractive looking once.
  • Original looking photos.
  • Many Unique Editing Features then any other editing apps do not have.

Download Facetune


It is an App store application. This application has many useful and unique apps that are not available in the play store. This application has many paid apps available for free in this application.

Download F-Droid

App Features:

  • Paid Apps for free.
  • Many more applications that are not available in the play store.

Bonus App:

True Caller:

It is an old application and everyone knows about this app but the new features are coming In this app. Now you can change the Caller ID of your Phone with this application without facing any issues about the lag of UI because the UI of this phone is very stable and fast. You can also get a pop up incoming call feature available on this application. You can also get the unknown caller’s name using this application.

App Features:

  • Change the Caller ID of your Phone.
  • Pop-up incoming Call feature.
  • Display Unkown Callers Name.

Download True Caller

So these are the top 5 powerful Android apps in august 2020. So let me now your favorite android app in this list in the comment section below and as always I’ll see you tomorrow.

Peace 🙂  

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