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Top 5 Best launcher For Android 2020

Whatsup guys, In this post I want to show you the top 5 Best Launcher for android 2020. Today I want to tell you the best launcher for android that will completely change your android phones’ skin. These launchers have the features to completely change the look and feel of your android phone. So without wasting any time lets get into it. 

Best launcher For Android 2020

1.Win X Launcher:

It is a launcher that is based on Windows 10 looks and feels. You have windows start menu as well as a widows menu and all the windows look and feel in this launcher. You also have windows Cortana in this launcher. The This-PC on this look also looks like windows 10. You also as theme support in this launcher.

App Features:

  • Compete Windows 10 look and feel.
  • Themes Support also available with this launcher.
  • Also Download Other Windows themes.

Download Win X Launcher

2.ASAP Launcher:

This launcher has many features that other launcher does not have. If you swipe from right to left you have notification toggles. if you swipe from down to up you have your recently used apps. If you swipe from left to write you have your app drawer. This launcher also has the gestures to use this launcher. You also have the option to your custom shortcut t this launcher.

App Features:

  • Gesture Control Launcher.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Add custom Shortcuts.

Download ASAP Launcher

3.Osmino Launcher:

Osmino launcher is very good and funny. The icons on this launcher are animated with different and unique looking animations. This launcher also has the theme store to have many more icons and choose the icons and according to your choice. This launcher is pretty good and clean for usage. You also not feel any scrolling lag in this launcher.

App Features:

  • Animated Icons.
  • Many Themes.
  • Easy to use.

Download Osmino Launcher

4.Total Launcher:

This launcher is very unique and cool. You have pre-customized themes in this launcher. You only choose the theme and the theme is automatically applied to your phone with the selected theme. You also have the feature to change the apps according to your preference in this launcher.

App Features:

  • Pre-Customized Themes.
  • One-Click Setup.
  • Change the preference according to your choice.

Download Total Launcher

5.Aug Launcher:

This launcher is a gesture-based launcher. The UI of this launcher is pretty clean and looks like the Stock android launcher. You have set your own gesture to this launcher for your favorite app and easily access to that specific app with this launcher.

App Features:

  • Gesture-Based Launcher.
  • Add Custom Gesture.
  • Set your favorite app to the launcher.


Download Aug Launcher

So These are my list about the top 5 best launchers for android august 2020. So let me know your favorite best launcher for android in this list in the comment section below and as always I’ll see you tomorrow.

Peace 🙂

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