5 Best Free Camera Apps for Android

Top 5 Best Free Camera Apps for Android 2020

Everyone loves to take photos in today’s world. Today I will show you the top 5 best free camera apps for android 2020. The apps that I will show you today is easily available on the Play store.

The five best free camera apps that we will discuss today can improve your photography skills. These best free camera app can also increase the photo and video quality of your smartphone with AI (Artificial Intelligence). So without wasting any time lets talk about the best free camera apps.

5 Best Free Camera Apps for Android

1.Camera MX:

The interface of this camera app is very minimal, simple, and easy to use. You can switch between photo and video in this app very quickly. You have three unique features in this app. You can click live shot with this app. This feature helps you to capture vibrant and chrome effect photos. This app also has a feature called shot the past which will help you to take a photo and also capture some photos of the past automatically. This feature just works like live photos.

You also have many live Filters and effects in this app.

App Features:

  • HDR and 360 Panorama Mode.
  • Live filters and Effects.
  • Live Shot and Shoot the past Mode also Available.

Download MX Camera

2.Open Camera:

This camera app is very useful for video making or vlogging. The interface of this camera is very good and simple. The most unique and good feature in this app Is the exposure lock. You can lock the exposure while making a video this feature helps you to lock your light even when you change your place.

This app will also support external mic while making videos. This app will also improve the sound quality and also remove the background noise. This app also has a video stabilization mode that will work well even when your phone does not support EIS or OIS.

You can also lock the face or any object using this app and the selected object cannot blur although. You also have a slider at the bottom that will help you to zoom in or zoom out easily.

App Features:

  • Noise Cencellation Mode.
  • Video Stabilization even when your phone does not support it.
  • One tap zoom in or out.

Download Open Camera


This app is also very unique and different. The interface of this app is very minimal and easy to use. You cannot do anything using this app. There is an option in this app called photobooth that will automatically make your photos collage or in grid mode.

The portrait mode on this app is very good. You can even adjust the blur density with this camera app. This app also has a document feature that will read your document and convert it to the text.

You can even make the photos or memes with this app. You can also make gifs images using this app. This app also has a story mode feature and QR Code scanner as well.

App Features:

  • Story Mod and Photobooth mode.
  • Document scanner mode.
  • Builtin Editor.
  • Create Custom mages.

Download Pixitica

4.A Better camera:

This app is also very unique and good. This app also has the feature called night mode that will work even your phone does not support night mode. This feature will help you to enhance the night photography.

This app has many pro features. If you use your phone camera with pro photography this app is best for using pro mode. This app also has a feature called object removal that will remove the extra objects in your photo.

App Features:

  • Best Camera for Pro Mode.
  • Object Removal Mode.
  • Night mode even your phone camera does not support it.

Download A Better Camera

5.Google Camera (Gcam):

The google camera app is one of the most popular camera apps that will increase your phone picture quality. The Photo processing of this camera app is very good. The HDR+ mode on this camera is the best. This will make the photo looking more vibrant and realistic.

The Portrait mode on this camera app is the most favorite thing for anyone. the quality of the portrait mode of this phone is excellent.

Download Google Camera

Download Gcam according to your cell phone model.

So these are the best free camera app for android. So let me know your favorite top 5 best free camera apps for android in the comment section below and as always I will see you tommorrow.


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