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Top 3 Best Android Tips and Tricks

What’s up guys, In this post I want to show you the top 3 best Android Tips and Tricks. Today in this post I want to show you the best and unique android tips and tricks.

So without wasting any time lets talk about the best Android Tips and Tricks.

Best Android Tips and Tricks

1.Back Tap Gestures:

In the new Android 11 There a new feature that allows you to add gestures simply Tapping on the back. You have the option to open a specific app, Turn on the torch, or take a screenshot. But this feature is not available on all the devices because all the devices do not support the new Android 11.

But if you use this feature in all Android phones you need to install an app called tap tap. This Application allows you to get back the tap feature on your phone. This app also has more gesture options like a double tap, triple tap, and long tap options. You can also select the sensitivity to use back tap options. You can also use the utilities and apps according to your choice in this app.

Download Tap Tap

2.Copy Multiple Text:

You can copy only one text or anything at a time. With this trick, you can copy many things to the clipboard at the same time. You can also paste the thing according to your choice with this trick. 

Almost every phone has Gboard. if you don’t have Gboard on your device you can easily download it from the Google play store for free.

if you can copy many things at the same time simply go to the Gboard click o three dots and click on the clipboard and simply enable it. After that, you can simply copy the multiple texts and your text stored on that clipboard. After that, you can easily paste the required text. 

Download Gboard

3.Floating Tab:

With this trick, you can use any application in the floating window. With this trick, you can also resize the WhatsApp or any app in a floating window and place it anywhere to your screen. And you can do this trick without any application in Android 10 but if you can use this trick in the older android version you can simply download an app called Taskbar.

if you have android 11 On your Phone so simply go to the developer’s option to your smartphone. If you don’t enable developers options simply go to the About Phone and Build number and click on build number 7- 10 times and the developer’s option is enabled.

Now go to the developer’s option and look for Force Activities to be Resizeable and enable it. And also enable Freeform Windows and Enable that option as well. After enabling restart your device.After rebooting the device simply open the app and go to the recent windows long tap on the device and click the Resizeable icon and your app is in the floating Mode.

If your phone does not have android 10 Download the application called taskbar and install it. Configure this app and you can also use any application in floating windows with this app as well.

Download Taskbar

So these are the top 3 Best Android Tips & Tricks. So let me know your Favorite Best Android Tips and Tricks in the Comment Section Below And As always I’ll see you tomorrow.

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