Top 20 Best SmartPhones in Mid 2020

Top 20 Best SmartPhones in Mid 2020

What are the Best Smartphones in the world right now its a Big Question but today we got some answers? I make the 5 Categories of the smartphones that I Love.

Top 20 Best SmartPhones in Mid 2020:

Runners Up:

5. iPhone SE: The Number 5 in the list of Higher-Mid-Range is The new iPhone SE (2020).I Like almost everything about iPhone se its got the build quality and a Performance of a thousand dollars phone and it’s just in $399 that is a great thing. Even The Camera is Quite Good. It’s just that the battery life isn’t so good and it’s not a case that battery is a strong point of a phone. and if you use your phone for two to three years it’s the best choice to go with.

4.Google Pixel 3a: The google pixel 3a is one of the nicest phones to use for the $300 you can get it out now Clean google software with a pretty decent O-LED screen but with this phone google has kind of shifted the balance for what they think is important to a phone away from really high-end materials this thing made of plastic. this phone has the nicest camera and I’m so impressed with the quality of this phone’s camera.

3. Google Pixel 4:This is the Company Flagship phone from the last year and it might be a bit surprising. The phone comes with the coolest features on the planet but the battery life on this phone is not so impressive. When the phone has launched the price of this phone is $800 that is higher but know it comes with $499 that is interesting.

2.Oppo Find X2 Pro: This Phone has a leagan leather Finish I want more companies to do this it feels like a supercar the cameras they can zoom further but from a practical standpoint. I just think it is worth the extra money.

1-Oppo Reno 3 Pro: You think it is near to the flagship phone camera stuck on the mid-range phone body. I just have to see a higher-end chipset inside of it.

Compact Flagships:

1-Galaxy S20 (5G): It Got the latest Everything the fastest chipset(Snapdragon 865), Ram(8 GB LPDDR5), Storage(UFS 3.0), The Triple Camera Setup and the Screen is in the top 5 Displays on the Phone right Know.It is one of the Best SmartPhones. We are talking QHD+ Amoled 120 HZ display and the battery is great if you have the snapdragon version over the Exynos Version.

2-iPhone 11 Pro: the iPhone 11 Pro is the flagship iPhone from This year it has all the features and has a pretty good battery and the performance on this phone is Very Good.

3-Galaxy S10E: this Phone is just going to become outdated but according to the compact flagship category I love this phone. The price of this phone is around $500 the phone has a good camera great screen and it feels like it was made for your palm it is incredibly comfortable to hold.

Gaming Phones:

1-Nubia Red Magic 5G: this phone is surprisingly affordable and quite possibly it is the fastest smartphone on the planet. It also gets 144HZ display that is insane and it generally a bucket loaded features for gamers.

2-Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Pro: it has 7.1″ Quad HD+ Amoled 90 HZ Display phone with a 5000 MAH battery and have a 65W super-fast charger and have dedicated triggered Buttons that hide that is not in use.

if you picking up the last year’s gaming phone like Asus rog Phone 2 I don’t recommend it because the gaming phone has all the new top-end features.

Camera Phones:

1-Huawei P40 Pro: The Huawei P40 Pro has the best Photography experience I’ve had on a phone as long as you are ok with the fact that there are no google services pre-build on this phone. If you are satisfied with Huawei’s on App gallery and other features the phone is awesome and the battery life is good too.

Best Battery Life and Overall Performance:

1-Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: the galaxy S20 Ultra has the Best Battery phone in the World right now and has a Great Processor with all the features and has the best camera too.

2-iPhone 11 pro max: the iPhone 11 pro max has the expensive iPhone right now and has all the features and has the best battery life right now in any iPhone.

The next category is Best Affordable iPhone it’s pretty strange but people want to know this that’s why I can add this category.

Best Affordable iPhone:

1-iPhone 11:The iPhone 11 is a good iPhone that has a good camera and has the latest design with good battery and also has the best processor out there. the price of the iPhone 11 pro is starting from $699 that is a good option.

2-iPhone SE (2020): The iPhone SE is the cheap iPhone with the A13 Chip that is super fast but this phone doesn’t have good cameras and doesn’t have a new full display design but the price of this phone is insane. The price of this phone is $399.

3-iPhone XR: the iPhone XR is last year’s smartphone from Apple but has pretty good features and has good speed. the Price of this phone is $599 that is ok.

Budget Phone:

1-Realme 6:Realme is a new company trying to make a name of itself and to do that they are pricing their phones is the staggeringly affordable price so for around $200 this has one, first of all, it has quad-camera setup that would sit fine on a $400 phone. It also has a 1080P display with 90 HZ screen and has upper midrange chipset G90T that is good enough specially in gaming and performance. And it also has great battery timing.

2-Xiaomi PocoX2: It is also a good phone with a high-end chipset in the body of a mid-range smartphone. It has a 120HZ display and its price is around $220 that is a great thing about also has 4500 Mah Battery that is pretty good enough.


1-Samsung S20 Ultra: the galaxy S20 Ultra has the Best Battery phone in the World right now and has a Great Processor with all the features and has the best camera too.

2-iPhone 11 pro max: the iPhone 11 pro max has the expensive iPhone right now and has all the features and has the best battery life right now in any iPhone.

3-Xiaomi MI 10 PRO: Xiaomi MI 10 Pro is the expensive Phone from the Xiaomi But it has pretty insane Specs. It has a snapdragon 865 Chipset and 108 MP quad camera and 4500 MAH battery with a 65W charger that is insane and it also has 5G and dual Speakers.

4-One Plus 8 pro: it is the best smartphone with high-end specs at affordable prices. The price of this phone is $899 that is a good step from one plus 8 can directly comparable with Samsung s20 Ultra.

Value Champion:

One Plus 8: In My opinion, the best value smartphone is Oneplus 8 Because it has all the features at a very reasonable has 12GB Ram 90 Hertz Amoled just feels much premium as Huawei P40 Pro and the amazing thing about this phone is Price. The price of this smartphone is just $699 that is Insane according to his specification.

So which flagship SmartPhones you thing the most exciting let me know your opinions in the comments 🙂

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