Android 11 Features

Top 11 Crazy Android 11 Features 🔥🔥🔥

Almost Everyone is using Android in today’s world. So today I will show you the top 11 Crazy Android 11 Features. Android is updating and includes tons of new features daily.

Android is launched its new Stable Update of Android 11. So today I will show you the top android features on New Android 11 Stable Update

Top 11 Crazy Android 11 Features

1.Power Menu:

Now Android is adding a new power button menu in the new Android 11 update. Now you have more widgets in the power menu. If you long-press your phone’s power button now you have more widgets in the power menu. You can add your card or smart Accessories controls in the power menu now.

2.Music Control Tiles:

If you play music in the previous version of Android there’s a notification in your notification bar. But now in Android 11, you have the Tile widget in the notification panel of your phone. Now you can also control or change the media directly in the tips widget in the notification panel and change the sound mode easily.

3.Bubble Notifications:

Now you have the bubbles notification like a messenger in all chat apps in Android 11. Now you have all the notification bubbles of all the chats in android. You can also group all the bubble chats easily by just one click.

4.Group Notifications:

Now the Android 11 group all the notifications in the notification bar. And you can easily see all the notifications from different apps in just one bar. You can also set the notification setting to priority or silent directly from the notification panel.

5.Screen Recording:

Now you can easily scene record your phone without any third-party app. You can also add a microphone screen recording without any third-party app. The inbuilt notifications can easily record your screen by just one click. 

6.Permissions Management:

Now almost every app wanted your permission to use those apps. Now you can see which app can use your which permission. Now you can also set the permission to one time to that app. Now android 11 also revoke the unused apps permission automatically that will help your privacy management.

7.Notification History:

Many times we will miss the important notification of our use. Now Android 11 has a Notification History feature that will show you all the notifications in the past 24 hours at a time. And you can easily open that notification in just one click.

8.Share Menu:

Now you can pin the share menu apps to easily send the things to those apps. The apps that you can pin will show on the top of the share menu where you can easily send things to those apps.

9.Voice Accessibility:

Now You can control your phone easily with your phone. The voice Accessibility will enhance and add some more features to control your phone with a voice easily.

10.App Suggestions:

Like the iOS Now you have also had apps suggestions in Android 11. The Apps suggestion will tell you the recently used apps, your tasks, your reminder, Weather, and all the important things on your home screen.

11.Airplane Mode:

Now the Airplane mode is improved in new Android 11 features. Now the wifi or Bluetooth will not be getting off while turning on your Airplane Mode.

Bonus Android 11 Features


Now you have many new gestures in the new Android 11 Stable Update. There are tons of new gestures available on Android 11.

13.New Emojis:

Now in Android 11, you have tons of new Emojis in Android 11. Now you can send new emojis to your friends and get rid of old boring emojis.

So guys these are the new android 11 Features that are come in the new android 11 stable update. So let me know your favorite Android 11 Features in the comment section below and as always I’ll see you tomorrow.


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