Top 11 Best Android 11 Tips & Tricks

Top Best Android 11 Tips & Tricks

Whatsup guys, Techindicator is back with the new and amazing article. Today in this post I want to show you the top 11 Best Android 11 Tips & Tricks.

The Tricks That I will show you today are the best android 11 tips & tricks that everyone should not know about the hidden tricks of android 11.

If you are using Stock Android 11 then this Android 11 hidden tips and tricks is best for you.

So Without Wasting any time let’s take a look at Top Best Android 11 Tips & Tricks in 2020.

Top 11 Best Android 11 Tips & Tricks

1: Native Screen Recorder:

Now in Android 11 You have Built-in Screen Recorder or have Native Screen Recorder. To access the Screen Recorder on Android 11 simply open the Notification panel and there you have a tile about Screen Recorder. Simply click on it and start the screen recording.

2: Notification History and Bubbles:

There are many reasons when you accidentally remove or disappear the notifications from the notification bar but in android 11 you have a feature called Notification history. You can see All your Notifications at one place wheater you can accidentally remove that notification.

To Enable Notification History Simply go to the Settings then Apps and Notifications then go to the Notification History and turn that Feature on.

There is also a new feature in Notifications called Bubbles. With this feature, you can see all your notifications just like Messenger Chat heads.

To enable Notification Bubbles simply go to the Settings then Apps and Notifications then go to the Bubbles Then enable allow apps to show bubbles.

3: Resize PIP Video:

Android From the last few years has the ability to watch youtube videos in PIP (Picture in Picture) mode. This means you can simply play the video in a small floating window.

But now in Android 11 you also have the ability to resize it. To Resize a video simply drag that video from the Bottom corner and your video will start resizing.

4: New Icon Shapes:

Now in Android 11 you also have the ability to change the icon style or shape.

To change the Style simply long-press on the home screen a menu appears. There you can choose Styles and wallpapers. There You can tap on styles the option appears at the bottom. Click on the “+” icon to make the custom android 11 styles. 

5: Pin Apps to Share Screen:

Now in Android 11, you can also pin apps on the shared screen on android 11. With this trick, you can simply send the link or anything to your favorite app.

Simply Go to the Share screen then Long Press on the app you want to pin and a menu appears to click on the pin and your app is pinned successfully.

6: Select Text in Recent Text Menu:

In Android 11, You can select the text from the recent apps menu.

Simply open Recent Apps than there you can see a select button. There you can select the text without opening that app.

7: App Suggestions:

Now you have App suggestion on Android 11 that will let you know about your frequently used apps.

To Enable the app suggestions long-press the home screen tap home settings then tap suggestions and enable it.

8: Schedule Dark Mode:

Dark Mode is a Needy update in smartphones. now in android 11, you can schedule the dark mode according to your need.

To Schedule, the dark mode simply goes to the settings then display then click on the dark mode. Then Setup your favorite time when the dark mode is automatically enabled or disabled.

9: Scheduling DND:

Now you can Also Schedule the do not disturb. You can also set the do not disturb mode while sleeping driving and riding etc.

To Schedule, do not Disturb simply go to the settings then do not disturb then click on the schedule. Then Setup your favorite time when the DND is automatically enabled or disabled.

10: Adjust Back Sensitivity:

While using gestures you can be facing the sensitivity issue. But in Android 11 you can also set the Sensitivity according to your choice.

To adjust the sensitivity simply go to the gesture settings and adjust the sensitivity of both left and right sides according to your need.

11:iPhone Like ScreenShot:

Now in Android 11 when you can take a screenshot you can see the screenshot interface is looking like Apple devices. Now you can also edit the screenshot directly.

Simply take a screenshot and click on the screenshot thumbnail and an edit menu appears. There you can edit the screenshot easily. You can also be Doodling it and be sharing the screenshot directly with others.

So these are the top 11 Android 11 Tips & tricks. So let me know your thoughts about the best android 11 Tips and tricks in the comment section below.

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