Best Apps for Android

Top 10 Best Apps for Android

What’s up guys, In this post I want to show you the top 10 best apps for android in august 2020. Today I want to show the best apps for android that are easily available in the Play Store and have some unique features that other apps do not have. So without wasting any time lets get into it.

Best Apps for Android

1.Access Dot:

This application saves you from the worries about anything on your smartphones that uses your permissions. This app knows you the granted permission that which thing uses our which section of your phone just like if you use a camera you will see an orange dot in the top right corner. You will also change the color of the dot of specified permission.

Download Access Dot

2.Mi Control Center:

This application changes the notification panel of your phone. It is based on the MIUI 12 control center and exactly looks like MIUI 12 control center. If you swipe from the left side you have a notification panel or if you swipe from the right side of the status bar you have control panel options. You also have a trigger button in this app you will also access the control center with the trigger buttons as well.

Download Mi Control Center

3.Live Drops:

Live drops is a new live wallpaper app. There are tons of new live wallpaper in this app. You have tons of new attractive looking live wallpapers available in this app. You also have categories section to choose live wallpapers according to your favorite section.

Download Live Drops


It is a face swap app. There are tons of videos and gifs in this app you will just take a selfie using this app and this app replaces your face as the main character of the specified video or a gif. The face swap AI function works perfectly and you will see the perfect looking results using this.

Download Re-Face


This application adds a sidebar multitasking on your phone. It is a launcher on the edge of your screen. With this app, you will quickly access to your favorite application in the edged screen of your phone. You can customize the side panel as per your choice with this app.

Download Panels

6.Material Launcher:

Material Launcher is a simple, lightweight, and fast launcher for your phone. The material design of this app is very simple and you can easily access your app drawer as well as google feed. This launcher is also customizable but you can add more than 9 icons on the homepage.

Download Material Launcher

7.Notification History:

It is a notification history app. This app save the notification of your phone and look at the history notification whenever you will see it. You will also see the WhatsApp deleted messages with this notification history application.

Download Notification History


NYX is a music control application. This app comes with a lot of new features and customization features. This app auto-download the Album artwork which looks pretty good. When the music is playing you will see a cool looking animation at the bottom of your phone which is also customizable. You will also change the theme of the app as well as the colors of the app.

Download NYX

9.iOS 14 KGWT Widgets:

This app offers tons of new widgets as well as the iOS 14 widgets in this app. You can also change the size and styles of the widget using this app.

Download iOS 14 KGWT Widgets

10.Shortcut Maker:

This app can create shortcuts of different apps and activities on your phone. You can also create shortcuts for files and folders with this app. You also have the option to secure the shortcut with your fingerprint.

Download Shortcut Maker

So these are the top 10 best apps for Android in August 2020. So let me know your Favorite best app for android in the comment section below and as always I’ll see you tomorrow.

Peace 🙂

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