sony ZV-1 camera

sony ZV-1 camera | is this the best vlogging camera of 2020?

What’s Up guys, today we’re Going to review the brand new Sony ZV-1, This Camera is specially made for Vlogging. This is completely targeted towards the Vloggers.

Sony Zv-1 Key Features:

So you, ve got 4K HDR, With one inch Exmor RS Cmos sensor which has a 20.1-megapixel resolution, we have got a 24 to 70 focal length with an F1.8 to 2.8 Aperature.o that is quite a wide aperture, should give you the nice depth of field. Face Detection autofocus with 315 AF points. Real-time eye AF, now this is really good autofocus which tracks your eyes.

face appeal, which prioritizes your face over the background.Focus which you don’t need to know about aperture settings and things like that. You can just put that on if you want a blurry background.

Clear Voice recording and there is a microphone jack. Amazing so that way you can plug in an external mic if you want to.

There’s an NP-BX1 type battery. Now as far as I’m aware, this is the same battery that’s used on a lot of the other RX-100 Models.

From the size-wise, it does look quite similar to the RX-100 line but this is not the continuation of the RX-100 line. This is something completely different because there are awesome big changes.

The first of which is the display. It’s a full swivel out the rotating display and it comes out to the side not to the top of the camera, Finally. And also if you wanna Shoot vertically which is something a lot of people are doing these days with the likes of TikTok IG stories, So this is gonna make it to more practical having the display pop up on to the side rather then on to the top.

In the top you can see some buttons on here, There is that dedicated bokeh mode Which is the C1 switch.

What do I notice is this thumb grip as well as a grip at the front. So this is gonna make it easier to hold if you are not using it with a tripod or gorilla pod or whatever it is. that’s a nice touch.

Now on the right-hand side, We have got all the ports so as mentioned, we do have a mic you’re going to able to connect an external mic onto her which is great. There’s a micro HDMI port here, as well as a micro USB port.i was hopping for USB Type-C, I mean, still micro USB

at the bottom, we have a battery compartment as well as the full-sized SD card Slot.

This sony zv-1 also has a Product Showcase mode that is Specially created for content creators. This mode autofocuses the product in your hand and quickly focus on the product. You can put the subject close to the camera the camera will automatically focus the subject fast.

My Verdict:

I have to say this is an amazing vlogging camera.i can recommend it. Having the flip-out display on the side makes a massive massive difference.i’m so glad sony have finally gone with this instead of the flip-up display. I like the shallow depth of field of the Sony ZV-1.and I also like the dedicated bokeh button that can easily switch to the nice blurry background videos. The autofocus of this camera is amazing, how quick it was to focus in, it was tracking my eye pretty well too. But regardless, it’s tracking my face well. So the focus is so so good. and that product showcase mode.

I’m so impressed with the autofocus speed of this camera. Stabilization is also very good on this camera.

for now, talk about still camera mode the photos from Sony zv-1 are also very good the wide aperture also gives you a very nice result.

and talking about battery life the battery life is not very good.

So tell me about your thoughts about this camera in the comment section below 🙂

Have a Nice Day 🙂

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