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SONY PLAYSTATION 5 – The Best Gaming Console?

What’s up guys, In this post we are going to talk about the new Sony Playstation 5.


So far the past few months we’ve had plenty of information about the new Sony PlayStation 5 from Suspected Patterns to sony officially unveiling the new dual sense controllers and of course now the console well the official launch event is today. We’ve now had the design leaked ahead of this event and I’m going to be sharing it with you guys.


To start with though we’re going to cover the new PlayStation 5 controller they’re calling this the dual sense controller and it comes with the big improvement over the predecessor the dual shock the dual sense controller on the PlayStation 5 is using new haptic feedback technology and adaptive triggers the new adaptive triggers allow the Playstation 5 controller to adjust resistance for different gameplay effect and this is trying to create a more immersive gaming experience where possible.

The dual sense controller on the PlayStation 5 also features a built-in microphone and USB-Type C port, We also get a slightly more Rounded design to assist with the grip and button controls. They have gone for a mostly two-tone color scheme similar to their PS VR game.

The share button has been renamed to the create button. This is reportedly going to allow new ways for players to create gameplay content to share with the PS5 world. Sony has not given any details on exactly how this is gonna work but I imagine its some sort of Clipping or replay feature that’s gonna save the last 30 Seconds or minute of gameplay Footage.

The last change we have is the PlayStation button which is now a cutout of the PlayStation logo and not just a button so overall the PlayStation 5 controller remained at pretty much the same and similar to the predecessor but it still got a few improvements and minor upgrades.


Sony has already given us the details on what’s powering the next-gen console but many us still excited to see what it looks like reports are suggesting the PS5 launch event is going to be focused on the games available and the gameplay instead of the console design.

But we’ve leaked the deign already as well go through it now the leak renders come courtesy of let’s go digital and concept creators they show us the Playstation 5 in all its glory we’ve got images and videos to showcase the controller and console and it looks incredible it’s similar to the previous generation PS4 but it also has more modern look for 2020 the design is futuristic and sleek but we also have to remember that it is just a concept.

Well they are generally are based on leaked information sometimes they’re wrong or just slightly wrong and the leak could always be from an earlier prototype it does, however, seem likely that we would be receiving something like this and if we do it then I think all PlayStation 5 fans will be happy when it comes to the specs inside the PlayStation 5 we are also welcomed with a very powerful console we’ve already been given the internal specifications and they’re a huge improvement on the predecessor.

One of the most requested specs the sony has delivered on its solid-state drive. For those unaware solid-state drives are much faster then the conventional hard drives and they reduce load times considerably developers requested this not just to improve the load times but to increase the game of immersion it allows developers to focus on the Virtual world without having to worry about the loading getting in the way the experience.


When it comes to the graphics processing and the audio sony has also done a great job. After teaming up the AMD they’ve delivered a great overall setup. The GPU in the Playstation 5 is a custom RDNA two Chip from AMD that’s been heavily optimized for the custom RDNA 2 h chip has the logic and feature set that was used in the PS4 and the PS4 Pro and this means that there will be backward compatibility they have already tested a hundred games from the PS4 which reportedly ran perfectly on the PS5.

They’ve also added a new geometry intersection engine for the PlayStation 5s at ray tracing abilities. Sony has done things a different way than normal with the CPU and GPU running them permanently in boost mode but allowing it the frequencies to change this means that the PlayStation 5 is always running in maximum capacity.


The power draw won’t change the GPU is chapped at 2.23 GHz which translates it to 10.28 Teraflops and 63 compute units so it’s going to deliver some great visual performance when it comes to the CPU there again using an AMD with the Zen 2 based optical chip again the CPU is always in boost mode and it’s chapped at a clock speed of 3.5 GHz.

They have only made a brief reference to the cooling system being used but it reportedly did cause delays early on for the audio the PlayStation 5 is going to be using the custom 3D audio unit powered by the tempest engine it can deal with complex audio processing and generate 3D effect to all gamers regardless of their sound hardware so the weather’s it headphones TV or soundbar you are using you should still be benefiting from these effects.

The PlayStation 5 is coming with 16 GB RAM which is DDR6 and 256 BIT the internal storage is going to be an 825 GIG SSD but they are also going to allow expandable storage.

Now the Expandable Storage is going to be via an NVME slot for the PS5 games but it also has USB hard drive support for PlayStation 4 games only it still going to keep the CD driver in its coming with a 4K Ultra HD Blue-ray drive when it comes to how good the graphics are gonna be we’ve already had the demonstration epic games.

Epic Games released a small clip of game that uses the unreal 5 engine playing on the PlayStation 5. We can see from the demo the graphics are going to be a huge setup from its predecessor and it comes with some great technical improvements we’ve got a new now like geometry system that allows for sub-pixel geometry that can provide incredible detail to be rendered that almost cannot be pre-received by the human eye. And the PlayStation 5 Also going to support 8K.


Now the pricing of the PlayStation 5 is predicted to be $500 in the USA and the 450 pounds in the UK.

Let me know what do you think about this down in the comment section below and as always I’ll see you tomorrow.

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