Samsung Manufacturing Plant in Pakistan

Samsung Manufacturing Plant in Pakistan! A Good Initiative?

As technology is growing day by day Everyone is looking for a phone that is easily available in Pakistan as well as at a cheap price and with international warranty. There’s a lot of smartphones that are imported from other countries which cost you more than its original price. So the Tech Giant Samsung is decided to set up a plant in Pakistan to Give more Quality in his devices for Pakistani people especially.

Federal industries and production minister of Pakistan Mr.Hammad Azhar announced and confirm this news that Samsung is looking to set up his Smartphone Manufacturing plant in Pakistan.

Pros to Set-up Samsung Manufacturing Plant

  • When the Samsung Manufacturing plant is set up in Pakistan then there are a lot of things that are update in Pakistan.
  • This may increase Pakistan’s Economy.
  • The Other Mobile Phone Brands also Wanted to launch its smartphones in Pakistan.
  • No more Import the smuggled smartphones this may also increase the Pakistani Economy.
  • This may also affect the price of Samsung’s smartphones.
  • This may also enhance the Technology Factors in Pakistan.

This is a good step by the Pakistani government and the Samsung Company. This may increase the Pakistani economy factor and Pakistan is growing by this initiative. This may also increase the Pakistani Technology factor.

As per the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, mobile-phone imports reached half a billion dollars in the Jul-Nov period of 2019. At this pace, full-year imports are expected to be over $1.2 billion.

Promoting local manufacturing, together with exports, will start balancing that import bill and with this initiative, Pakistan’s Economy is increased day by day.

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