Samsung Galaxy S21E

Samsung Galaxy S21E|Does it Exist?

Hey What’s up guys, So Today we discuss about Samsung Galaxy S21E.

Samsung is finally making the right move. Its time to look at the future we have the Galaxy S21 lineup coming next year which is crucial for many reasons.

Samsung Galaxy S21E Features We Needed:

The AMD Exynos 1000 Chip the under-screen camera the new camera sensor on the back and the most importantly Pricing.

This year Samsung Price the galaxy s20 model is high especially the starting price of $1000 without releasing any sequel to the galaxy s10E without releasing any cheaper great flagship so in addition to the great features, we also need a cheaper value for money model perhaps the Samsung Galaxy s21E will change the game.

So just a couple of days ago its been reported that Samsung filed an official request to BOE displayers to make OLED panels for galaxy s21 Models.

BOE is a company that is currently making some of the OLED Panels for iPhone 12 12 MAC series or the non-Pro models. The reason why apple chooses to go with BOE with one of its models because of a cheaper price.

Samsung is looking to adopt this as well and use BOE for its base galaxy S21 model. The thing with the OLED displays from BOE is that the DOS bought 120 Hertz Refresh Rate at least for now the dawn which means its possible that we’ll see in90 Hertz refresh rate all the base galaxy s21 model 90 Hertz is perfect if the price is right Samsung needs a model that sits between the Galaxy A and Galaxy S line-up.

In other words, they need a cheaper flagship phone that doesn’t have the 16 GB of RAM or Under Screen Camera but all the essentials that we need the latest Exynos AMD Chip or Snapdragon 875 new main Camera sensor he periscopes Zoom ETC.

Again all the essentials if Samsung nails this I think it’s going to be a killer model that could go well in sales.

This is one the reason why the iPhone 11 is pretty Successful and apple is implementing the same strategy using the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max this year starting at $649.

Now, something even more exciting as surfaced Samsung displayed just Got SGS certification for two products 90 Hertz and 120 Hertz on its screens this was trademark at the seamless display.

What this Mean is that future Samsung flagship phones especially the galaxy S21 models with the seamless display could support 90 Hertz and a 120 Hertz Rate. Now we don’t have any flagship phones which can turn between 90 and 120 Hertz its either 120 or 60 Hertz.

Samsung will be using LTPO Display on the note 20 for intelligent refresh rate but in the future, with Galaxy S21 we could have a seamless display which seems an even next-level thing providing you an option to go to 90 Hertz and of course have the LTPO Tech as well giving you the perfect balance of smoothness and battery performance.

So I think Samsung is finally making the right move all the decisions can appoint towards the cheaper Galaxy S21 Model which is desperately needed to compete with the iPhone 12 and the 12 Max the non-Pro Model.

And Also for the Flagship Phones, the seamless display tech is looking exciting as well also a report out of South Korea says that galaxy note 20 and the galaxy fold 2 could get announced officially on August the 5th Online.

So Samsung Do this Step to increase its marketing strategy and make a Cheaper Flagship Level Phone To target the audience that doesn’t buy a Costly Phone.

Let me know your thoughts about Samsung Galaxy S21E in the Comment section Below 🙂

Have a Nice Day 🙂

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