Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21|They Finally Did it!

What’s up guys, in this post I’m going to tell you about the Samsung Galaxy S21.

Samsung Galaxy S21

So Samsung display is considered the best OLED screen manufacturer right now, with everyone from Apple and OnePlus to Samsung itself using it on their phones. But a few days ago we learned Samsung is testing OLED panels from BOE a Chinese display maker as a cheaper alternative to OLED screens from the display for the use in their high profile flagship the Samsung Galaxy S21.

I mean there will be three Samsung Galaxy S21 variants next year and Samsung has asked BOE to supply panels for the base Galaxy S21 variant whereas they are going to use their display for the Galaxy S21+ and the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

However, new information comes out today which reveals that this is not going to happen. South Korean media reports that Samsung will continue to use OLED Panel from Samsung Display because the ones from BOE didn’t pass Samsung’s Quality Test.

BOE didn’t pass even the first stage of testing. Usually, companies conduct various Tests before going with mass production.

Samsung orders a Batch of 6.67″ OLED Panels from BOE with the 90HZ refresh rate for the use in galaxy S21.

However, BOE seems to have failed the first stage of display test which in a way is good news for Samsung consumers as Samsung displays are regarded as the best smartphone displays on the market.

With the display being the most important aspect of the phone, a lot of you showed your dismay when the news first broke out that they going to use BOE Display and rightfully so.

When you are paying $1000 for a flagship phone, you expect the best components to go inside the handset, Using BOE’s Panels would be okay for a budget and mid-range phone but not for flagships.

So its good news that Samsung is sticking to their display only for Samsung Galaxy S21.

So full-screen smartphones without a notch, or cutout, or pop-up cameras are the ultimate conclusion to the smartphone designs. For that to happen companies need to fit the camera underneath the display. Oppo and Xiaomi Showcased prototypes of this new camera tech but the problem is that they are prototype which means that we can’t buy them but display maker visionox has announced mass production of a solution and the first phone will carry a hidden selfie camera will be announced soon.

The last time we heard were facing difficulties to allow in enough light and as a result, the image was kinda foggy.

To address this visionox has increased the transparency of the display in the camera area of the screen, and also the company will work with device makers to offer them a software algorithm that will reportedly minimize diffraction, glare, and reduce the fogging effect.

This will therefore result in photos that are brighter and have improved clarity.

Now whether or not these claims hold will remain to be seen but its good news that a display making companies have decided to mass-produce this tech as far for a company to enter mass-production of a product shows that they are confident with its quality and results.

A few days ago we also learned that there are several phones with the Snapdragon 875 processor being tested with under-display camera technology with further suggests that we are closer to get that holy grail of smartphone design. Samsung is working on to bring this tech to the Samsung Galaxy S21, Nokia is also working on this tech for the Nokia 9.3.

It seems that the smartphone industry is going to focus on the under-display camera tech next year.

Of course with that being said, let me know what do you think about this down in the comment section below and as always I’ll see you tomorrow.

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