Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus|1 Year Later|Is This Amazing ?

Whatsup guys, In this Post I’m going to tell you about my experience on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 1 Year Later.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus


The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is really thin it just 7.8 millimeters and what I always like about the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and when I picked it up and still use it I fell like WOW. This device has so much display into such a light body it’s just really impressive. It feels kind a like the iPhone 11 Size but gives you more display. The Body over there is really really nice it’s thin it’s pretty light.


The Display in Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is Beautiful. I mean this display got extremely bright right here like very bright and in sunlight, it was extremely bright over a thousand nits it just got really really bright and no matter what the situation you were in you could see this thing outside now.

If you go to the screen modes you also tweak it to be more warm cooler and more vivid you can tweak it according to your taste.

Also, the Dark mode here looks great with the whole because of its OLED display. And This phone has 522 PPI so if you are getting close in and reading the text its pretty sharper. The downside with this phone that it doesn’t have the 120 Hertz display But it still a nicer display.

Extra Features:

This is the last Samsung phone with all the features that Samsung was known for like the heart rate monitor, you do have the headphone jack this does have the expandable memory. This Phone has the Triple camera on the rear it does have the dual camera on the front its a beast with all these features.


This phone has up to 12 Gigs of RAM and also you can get it in the 1 TB of Storage so I mean you can really pack the thing up if you are gonna use just the phone as your only computing devices. So this is the best when it comes to Storage.


This Phone is still Getting Software Updates. It has all the stuff that you get in most of the newer Samsung devices you do have things like Dex mode in this phone you have wireless power-sharing in this phone. This device nothing feels dated.


This phone has Snapdragon 855 and this is one of the fastest phones ever launched and you could see why Samsung sold more of these then even their new beast the Ultra which has a pretty trash autofocus camera. But overall this phone is just a beast it was one of the first with 855 CPU This phone does have up to 12 Gigs of Ram and there are no Performance issues with this in 2020.


The camera on This Phone is Just reliable no matter what you doing They’re always good to focus their dual Pixel AF you have the wide-angle you have the telephoto camera you can go up to 10X. You still have all the features that you want to expect Superzoom. You can shoot up to 4K at 60 FPS. And also you can Shoot in front Upto 4K at 60 FPS as well which is pretty amazing.I’m getting no issues with that camera its just amazing.


The Phone has a dual speaker that is super loud.


There is an area where the S10 Plus is still Champion. This phone has 4100 MAH battery that is a huge battery for this size of a device and yeah it has high resolution so if you do have in the higher 2k mode you can drain a little bit more but this phone always getting me through a day and sometimes stretching to the day and a half. This has an extremely good battery life and has no complaints about this phone battery life.

Fingerprint Sensor:

This phone has an in-display fingerprint sensor very fast there and it worked pretty well.


The Galaxy S10 plus in 2020 if you are looking for yesteryear flagship I would put this one high on my list this is one of the best that’s not a new phone. Everything in this Phone is amazing. This Phone is almost Perfect. There is nothing wrong with this Phone. The hardware in this phone is beast it’s reliable snappy and never lags Also you have an amazing camera system that always reliable with the dual pixel AF. It has a beautiful display of long battery life. So what else you want on the phone.

So tell me your thought about the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and as always I will see you tomorrow.

Have a Nice Day 🙂

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