Samsung Galaxy Note 20|Finally is Here!

Samsung Galaxy Note 20|Finally is Here!

Samsung Galaxy Note 20|Finally is Here!

What’s up Guys, Samsung is just revealed its galaxy note 20. First, we discuss the design. The Galaxy Note 20 design has a little bit different compared to the Galaxy S20 family it’s not a complete copy-paste.

The front side is going to be very similar to the galaxy note 10 Plus. The rumors said it’s just gonna be bezel-less like galaxy note 10 plus and the punch hole camera design is confirmed and that the under-screen camera is not going to happen this year and leaves from Samsung.

Now switching to the backside of the phone we have the camera setup to the left-hand side similar to the galaxy s20 family the camera arrangement is a little bit different to the galaxy s20 family and more like a traffic light. We have the triple camera setup towards the left-hand sidelined in pretty nicely similar to the galaxy note 10 families.on the right-hand side we have the led flashlight and probably the depth camera sensor. And the interesting thing about that Samsung put 108 MP camera to fix the autofocus issues that are present in the galaxy s20 Ultra.

The Good news for Samsung fans Samsung has just announced the 50 MP new camera sensor. It slightly bigger then the galaxy s20 ultra camera sensor and it’s rocking the dual pixel autofocus system. Samsung clearly Announced that system. With this Sensor, the Picture quality and night mode Will be even better than S20 ultra.

The Samsung Note 20 Also changed the button placement From the left-hand side to the right-hand side I think it is the right position for power and volume rockers key to be at. Samsung also changes the position of S-Pen from Right to left.

it comes with the massive 7″ screen and also has the new LTPO O-LED screen with 120HZ it will be the first smartphone that has this display.

Samsung Also has a Great 4500 Mah battery with an LTPO O-LED display. The display itself cannot consume that much power.

the leaks about the dimension the design of galaxy note 20 are very slim.

Samsung also has the best processor out there in android smartphones.

the Zoom of the galaxy note 20 families also have the epic zoom. the Samsung note 20 family also has the Epic zoom of 100x. The disappointment of Samsung with galaxy s20 ultra now the Samsung came back with the new and improved technology

Samsung also comes with new software and the new zoom interface and the improved camera interface. And Good news about the Samsung old phone users that we could see the new one UI 2.1 to the old Samsung phone like s9 and s9+ and so on.

Samsung also comes with an 8k Resolutions camera video with some improvements compared to the galaxy S20 Ultra.

My Verdict:

The Galaxy Note Series is the best compared to the Android Smartphone no matter from which company. So the Samsung with the Galaxy Note 20 also comes with the best technology in that time. Some Neglections or problems from galaxy s20 Ultra cannot face more by the Samsung. So wait for the Galaxy Note 20 Hope it will not disappoints us.

I can not be guaranteed that the information on this blog is 100% is just rumors from Nokia and different companies. If you know anything about that content please inform us we add your content in this blog.

So which flagship phone you thing the most exciting is the iPhone 12 series, Nokia 9.3, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 or Note 20 Plus or other upcoming smartphones be sure to comment below and post.

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