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Samsung Galaxy A (2020)- Is This Inspiring !

What’s up guys, in this post we are talking about the Samsung Galaxy A (2020) series.

So we generally expect the price and quality of a device to be directly correlated.if a company has a lineup, the cheapest device is supposed to be the worst one, and the most expensive devices are expected to be the best one. But lately, this just isn’t true anymore.

Not only the gap between the flagships and a midrange become much smaller over the years, but depending on which phones you compare and which aspects of phone you find important, you may find a midrange phone that is not just a better deal for your money, but a better device for you overall.

Google a lineup is a good example of that. Pixel 3a was a huge hit for its bread and butter approach: Affordable price and awesome camera.

And if the rumors are true, the pixel 4a will be even better and faster.its not often that we see a trimmed down version of a phone selling better then its premium equivalent, but thanks to google market strategy, here we are.

Samsung Galaxy A

Samsung’s Galaxy A range of devices is also very good Especially the Galaxy A51 and the Galaxy A71.

The galaxy A51 become so popular that it outsold Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S20 series in quarter 1 of this year something that we’ve never seen in the history of galaxy S series phones where it was outsold by a mid-range handset.

And let’s not forget the iPhone SE 2, if we keep the crappy battery and outdated design aside for a second, the phone does bring some flagship features to a mid-range market such as the latest processor and the wireless charging. Speaking of wireless charging it has been around for a few years now, but sadly it has been exclusive to the more premium phones but that changed with the Apple iPhone SE this year.

Apple by the way is a direct competitor with Samsung, and since apple bought the wireless charging to mid-range smartphone segment, a lot of people expecting Samsung to do the same with the Samsung Galaxy A range of devices. And it looks like Samsung is doing it.

According to South Korean media Samsung will bring wireless charging to galaxy A range of devices in 2021. Of course, not every Samsung galaxy A handset will get it but some of them are sure.

If I were to guess, the successor of the galaxy A51 and the A71, two of the most popular Samsung Galaxy A series handsets will most likely get wireless charging support. Wireless charging is one of the favorite features on a smartphone. I Mean being able to plop your phone on a wireless charging mat while at your desk, eating dinner or sleeping can make a world of difference of a phone and to its users.

So good to know that they are Expanding this feature to the mid-range market as well. By the way, wireless charging is not only the flagship feature the galaxy A Devices are getting according to reports they will also get a flagship camera feature, the optical image stabilization.

Optical image stabilization isn’t something that you’d find on affordable devices but competition in this segment of the market heats up. Samsung is looking to make its galaxy A series of devices standout of the crowd and OIS (optical image stabilization) as well as wireless charging. I would certainly help these devices to achieve just that.

Of course with that being said, let me know what do you think about this down in the comment section below and as always I’ll see you tomorrow.

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