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What’s up guys, In this post I’m going to tell you about the New OnePlus Nord/OnePlus Z.


OnePlus is a relatively young company compared to several other mobile tech giants in the market, but this China-Based Company managed to rise extremely fast for releasing extremely compelling flagship-grade smartphones at affordable price tags. The company has used the “Never Settle” motto from the start.

It has managed to sell quite a few devices to date, and establish itself as one of the best smartphone manufacturers in the market.

The OnePlus make affordable phones with high and latest specifications compared to Other brands like Apple, Samsung, etc.   

The first One plus Phone The OnePlus One cost a near $300 back in 2014, and it was a bargain compared to the $650 price tag of the Samsung S5 and other competitors.

But as the smartphone prices rise, so have the cost of one plus phones. The recent one plus starts at $900 for the 8 GB Ram variant and a massive $1000 for a 12 GB Variant.

So many believe that one plus is no longer a flagship killer smartphone maker, but now turn into a flagship killer smartphone company.

But the CEO of OnePlus recently said that the company will shift its strategy to go back to making cheap smartphones.

OnePlus Nord

OnePlus didn’t mention anything by name, but we know that he was talking about the OnePlus Nord A.K.A the OnePlus Z.

The Handset has been leaked several times at this point and it’s expected to launch sometime in July with a much more affordable package. Speaking up the affordable package, Up until now didn’t know how one plus is going to price this handset.

But the Recent tweet by one plus and its co-founder suggests that they are pricing with surprisingly low. Carl Pie as well as the official OnePlus Twitter account has shared an ew tweet with a link to an older tweet by OnePlus from 2014 when the company launches their first smartphone, the OnePlus one which was launched at $299 for the base variant and the $350 for the highest variant.

This leads to too many publications to believe that Oneplus Nord could be price at $299 as well. This makes sense considering OnePlus did a recent survey where it was asking its users if they are willing to spend about 25000 INR for these specifications.


If you don’t know already these are the exact specifications the OnePlus Nord is expected to come with, which include the Snapdragon 765G,90 HZ of screen refresh rate,30W of fast wrap charging,4300 MAH battery, a 6.5″ FHD+ Super Amoled Display. The Triple camera system (64MP + 16MP + 2MP), in Built Fingerprint scanner, and 6GB that goes all the way up to 12 GB.

So speculating, it could cost $299 based on the tweet, That makes total sense.

Google’s Upcoming Pixel 4a is also expected to start at $299 which will be powered by snapdragon 730 Processor.

So on paper at least, the One Plus Nord looks more appealing then google pixel 4a or any other mid-range around.

At a time like this, the world doesn’t need more expensive phones, but more affordable options, OnePlus should stand out in the sea of phones not just with cutting edge features, but with the price too and thankfully the OnePlus Nord is stepping in at the perfect time.

Launch Date:

OnePlus is expected to launch this Smartphone on July 10th in India but it’s being reported that the release in markets like in the US, and Europe will happen at a later date.

So tell me your thought about the OnePlus Nord and as always I will see you tomorrow.

Have a Nice Day 🙂

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