Nvidia 3000 series graphics card

Nvidia 3000 Series Launch Date and Detailed Specifications| Best for Gaming

Nvidia has just announced its new Nvidia 3000 series graphics card. As the gaming industry growing day by day the Nvidia launched its new graphics cards to increase the quality and performance of the games.

Nvidia 3000 series graphics card

This Graphic Card is the second generation of the RTX series of Nvidia. Nvidia launched its 3 new graphic cards.

  • Nvidia 3070
  • Nvidia 3080
  • Nvidia 3090

Nvidia Claims that these cards can perform twice than its 1st generation cards. This card is also 1.9x more efficient than its previous generation. Nvidia names this card architecture as the Nvidia Ampere Architecture. While Previous card architecture is known as Turing architecture.

Nvidia 3000 Series Features:

  • You have a new streaming multiprocessor on this card.
  • You also have FP32 throughput in this Graphic card.
  • You also have 2nd generation RT cores in this Graphic Card.
  • You have 3rd generation of Tencent cores which is 2x faster and efficient.
  • You have a GDDDR6 Memory type in this card.
  • Nvidia Ampere Architecture is based on 8 NM Processor technology.
  • This Graphic can also support 8K gaming.

Nvidia also increased the technology and modes in this card. Now you have streamer mode in this card which will help you to increase the mic quality and background noise removal while streaming online or even offline.

Nvidia 3070:

  • This card is 60% faster than the then old generation.
  • 8 GB GDDR6 type Memory/VRAM.
  • Nvidia 3070 Price is $499.

This graphic card is 60% faster and more efficient than the previous Nvidia 2070 Graphic card. This Graphic is good enough to play games in 4K without any performance lag.

Nvidia 3080:

  • This Card is 2x faster than the old generation.
  • 10 GB GDDR6X type Memory/VRAM in this card.
  • Nvidia 3080 Price $699.

This graphic card is 2x faster than and efficient than the previous Nvidia 2080 Graphic card. This graphic card is good enough to play Consistent 4K gaming in 60 FPS without any performance lag or any other issue.

Nvidia 3090:

  • 24 GB GDDR6X Memory/VRAM.
  • This card is 50% faster then titan RTX Graphic Card.
  • Nvidia 3090 Price $1299.

You have 3 slots design in this graphic card. You have 10x less sound with this graphic card. And its also 10x time cooler then RTX 2080 Ti. This graphic card can support 8K gaming. This card is good enough to play all games in 8K with 60 FPS.

Nvidia 3000 series Release Date:

The Nvidia 3080 available in the market from 17 Sep 2020.

The Nvidia 3090 available in the market from 24 Sep 2020.

and the Nvidia 3070 can available in the market from October.

Nvidia says that Nvidia 3090 graphic card replaced the 2080 Ti so Nvidia can not launch the Nvidia 3090 Ti version but this is not the confirm news.

Nvidia 3000 series Price:

  • Nvidia 3070 Price is $499.
  • Nvidia 3080 Price $699.
  • Nvidia 3090 Price $1299.

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So this is all about the new Nvidia 3000 series graphic cards so let me know your thoughts about the Nvidia 3000 series graphic cards in the comment section below and as always I’ll see you tomorrow.

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