Must-have iPhone Apps

Top 10 Best Must-have iPhone Apps (September 2020)

There are a ton of new apps available in the app store. So today I want to show you the top 10 best must-have iPhone apps in September 2020.

Today I want to show you the best utility apps for iPhone that everyone should have on its new or old iPhone. These are the must-have iPhone apps in 2020. So without wasting any time let’s get into the list.

Must-have iPhone Apps

1.Link scanner:

So this is the new and very useful app for iPhone in September 2020. If you have a document or a physical document that has a link on it you can just simply scan that link with this app and that link will be copied. If you have a link in the screenshot or any picture this app also detects that link and you can directly visit that link without wasting time.

Download Link Scanner

2.The Wallpaper App:

This is the best wallpaper app for the iphone. This wallpaper app is very different from any other wallpaper app. You can choose a wallpaper from this app and you can redesign that particular wallpaper according to your choice. And if you swipe up from the chosen wallpaper you will see three different modes the light mode, Dark mode, and normal mode of that particular wallpaper. You can also adjust the colors of the wallpapers with this app.

Download The Wallpaper App

3.Avast Secure Browser:

This is the best browser app for the iPhone. The avast browser has a builtin VPN For your iPhone. You can also block the ads using this browser. This browser also supports QR Code for browsing data. This app also has do not track mode that will help you to browse your data safely and securely.

Download Avast Secure Browser

4.Weather Radar:

This app is one of my favorite Weather App for the iPhone. This app is a very simple and clean UI. This app has 15 Days forecast feature. You also have a 3D radar in this app.

Download Weather Radar

5.Merge PDF:

This app is very useful for students. You can merge two or more PDF files into one. You can also create images and convert them into PDF files. The UI of this app is very clean and easy to use.

Download Merge PDF

6.Speech to text:

This app is very useful and unique. You can simply open the app and make your notes by just talking to your phone. This app also auto dictates grammar.

Download Speech to Text

7.Resize Photo and Video:

This app is used to resize the pictures and videos as well. You can resize your photos with millimeters centimeters and aspect ratios as well. You can also change the aspect ratio of any photo and video with this app. you can also edit your photos and videos with this app.

Download Resize and videos

8.SpaceX GO:

If you like to read space news then this app is for you. You can read about anything about space. You can also see the space vehicles and read about it You can also see the Space videos with this app. This app also has an upcoming launch date about launching vehicles to space you can also watch that thing with this app.

Download SpaceX GO

9.URL Shortner:

This app is very simple and very good for use. If you have a very long link then you can shorten that link with this app. You can simply add the link you want to shorten and this app short that link automatically for you and also provide you the new link and QR code of that link as well.

Download URL Shortner


If you can make quotes of memes for Instagram and any other social media then this app is for you. You can simply make your memes and quotes using this app. This app also has many background templates as well. You can write and make your memes and quotes using this app. You can also change the font size colors as well. you can also add images in this app for making memes.

Download iQuotes

So these are the most popular iPhone apps. These are the 10 must-have iPhone apps for your new phones. So let me know your favorite must-have iPhone apps in the comment section below and as always I will see you tomorrow.

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