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Top 7 Must Have Android Apps Dec 2020

What’s up guys, in this post I want to show you the top 7 must have Android Apps of December 2020. The Apps that I can show you today is the most unique apps that have Unique features that other apps do not have.

The Apps that I will show you today have the best and unique features than any other app doesn’t have.

I will also provide you the download link of these Powerful Android Apps. So without wasting any time let’s talk about the top 7 must have Android Apps 2020.

Top 7 must have Android Apps 2020

Lit Wallz:

This application is basically a wallpaper app. This Application has a very wide variety of wallpapers that other wallpaper apps don’t have. This application has very high-quality wallpapers as well as the best wallpapers for Super Amoled Displays. This application is newly released and I will definitely recommend this app to you.

App Features:

  • Best Gradient Wallpapers
  • High Quality Wallpapers
  • Categories of Wallpapers

Download Lit Wallz


This application is very useful for readers, This application can basically convert the mails, articles, newsletters, etc into audio. This application also has predefined voices and set the voice according to your choice.

You can also set the playback speed according to your choice. You can simply add the document newsletter or article and this app can fetch that document or article and that document and article can ready to play in audio and this is pretty accurate.

You can also get the option to convert any article or blog in audio simply share that blog to that app and that article or blog is ready to play in audio.

App Features:

  • Convert emails, articles, and newsletters into Audio.
  • Adjust playback speed according to your choice.
  • also set the voice according to your choice.

Download Ecolance

3.O Launcher:

This is basically a launcher application. This launcher is very simple and easy to use very minimal and very functional. You have the top 8 apps on the front or home screen. This application is really easy to identify the apps.

You can also open other apps by just swiping from bottom to top. You can search the app also and the search is really cool. If the app is available in your apps then that app can automatically open.

App Features:

  • This Application supports new Wallpaper every day.
  • Set left and right swipe gestures according to your need.
  • Minimal and very easy to use.

Download O Launcher

4. Mega:

This application is just like google drive. This is also a cloud storage platform like google drive or google one. In this app, you can get a large amount of cloud storage up to 50 Gigs of storage that is insane. You can keep your important data in this cloud storage. You can keep photos videos or any other file or folder in this cloud storage.

You can get more than 20 Gigs of Cloud storage when you can verify your mega account with your phone number. The total Cloud storage is 70 Gigs that is insane.

App Features:

  • Large Cloud Storage.
  • Backup Any Files or folders in this app.

download Mega

5. Any Desk:

Any Desk is an app that allows you any other person’s screen and you can use that screen remotely. With this app, you can use your friends or family or any other mobile screen remotely. This application is very easy to use and use two phones no matter where you are.

Just take the IP address from the target phone and write that address in your phone to use app remotely.

App Features:

  • Use Another Phone screen remotely.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Control other Phones Remotely.

Download Any Desk

6.Higher Goals:

This app is very useful in our daily life. You can set your goals in this application and this application can give the details of your goal achievement in percentage.

You can track your goals in this application easily. The design of that application is very minimal and easy to use. Once you can do your goal you receive a notification and you can click on I am done to done that day goal.

This application also has predefined goals and templates.

App Features:

  • Minimal and easy to use.
  • Predefined Goals and Habits.
  • Create your own Goal

Download Higher Goals

7.Ratio Launcher:

It is also a Ratio Launcher. This application can replace your home screen with categories of apps that you can use as an app. This launcher is very Unique because of its functionalities.

This application also shows the time of usage of that app. You can also customize the app tile. You can also see the usage details of any app in this application. to show details simply long-press that app. You can also set the fingerprint hide app and also lock the category in this launcher.

You can also mute notifications on this app. This application also has the sun mode as well as dark mode.

App Features:

  • Sun and Dark Mode.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Mute Notifications.

Download Ratio Launcher

So these are the Top 7 must have Android Apps 2020. So let me know your thoughts about the Top 7 must have Android Apps 2020 in the comment section below.

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