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Moto Edge + Review| Does Motorola Back in the game?

Hey, what’s up guys, We are here with Moto Edge +, Motorola is back with the Flagship smartphone game do you realize how long it been and, to be honest, I kinda miss these you know it wasn’t that long ago that I remember the moto x and the droid series be super competitive and unique and just Motorola, in general, bringing a certain spice to the high-end flagship game before their absence but they didn’t make one for a couple of years so they did budget phones for a while and dropped the folding phone but now its 2020 and it’s back with a Flagship.

 Moto Edge + Key Features:

  • Snapdragon 865
  • 12 GB RAM
  • 256 GB fast UFS 3.0 Storage
  • 5000 MAH Battery
  • The tripled camera on the back (108 MP+8MP+16MP+TOF 3D(Depth))
  • 5G
  • 6.7″ 90 Hertz OLED Display with a resolution of 1080P

The First of all I like the way this phone is built you know its metal and glass any other flagship and it has some characters with the curves in the top and bottom rails that I like and yes you don’t see things that a headphone jack on a flagship phone in 2020 one of the last you find.

Speaker at the bottom that’s paired with the earpiece at the top to my year gets pretty loud and sounds good. But what’s funny is even as thick as this phone is the camera bump on the back for those huge cameras still sticks out even more and since it’s off to the side it still rocks on the table classic but the one I dislike the most isn’t the camera bump or the fingerprint magnet that is the back of its phone but its because this waterfall display so dramatically curves over the edges like the Huawei mate 30 pro.

It pushes the buttons on the side of the phone back from the center so they’re not in the middle anymore they’re like pushed back even further from the middle where they’d usually be and also I usually like when the volume buttons are on the opposite side of the phone as the power button but they’re all on one side here.

I missed the Motorola flagship software treatment like a lot there’s not that many like it but it’s nice its relatively clean android 10 with Motorola Motorola features added that’s always what I loved about those previous Motorola flagships if you go back and watch this all reviews this is almost the same thing.


The battery on this Moto edge + is has 5000 MAH also has Wireless charging and comes with the decently fast charger.


The Moto Edge + has a 108 MP camera that we have seen before in the galaxy s20 ultra. In the most part, it’s pretty similar to the Samsung camera matter facts the color is quite nice and the shots is very detailed as you’d expect dynamic range is nice with auto HDR as well and it’s spitting out 27 MP photos by default and basically if you give it the little light you get good shots but it struggles again have to mention with this sensor being so huge and super shallow depth of field that comes with that especially the closer up subject.

But in its cons sides of the moto edge +, the fingerprint sensor is perform very bad its speed is too slow and gives me the most failed attempts and the slowest average speed I have ever seen in an in-glass fingerprint reader

My Verdict:

I have liked using this phone but I didn’t love it when you start to shop around and compare it with the one plus 8 pro that I just came from has a higher resolution a higher refresh rate screen overall turns about the same quality camera much fast charging there are the same specs but one plus 8 pro has the much faster fingerprint reader cleaner software and fast software updates.

So Tell me your thoughts about Moto edge + in the comment section below.

Have a Nice Day 🙂

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