MIUI 12 Review | Top Features

Whatsup guys, In this post I want to tell you about the new MIUI 12. This is the latest Skin released by the Xiaomi with Android 10. The MIUI 12 Got lots of features and many customizations. The Xiaomi Released this OS on its Smartphones and the MIUI Skin is very stable and good in all kinds.

MIUI 12 Review

User Interface:

The MIUI 12 comes with a lot of new features the first thing you will see that MIUI is now fully changed is your Homescreen Icon. The home screen icons on MIUI 12 are now much large and design differently and the text in MIUI is now bold. The icons in MIUI 12 now have a different look and design.

Control Center:

The next big feature in MIUI 12 is the control center. Now you have a dedicated control center like in iOS.If you swipe from the right side of the screen you will see your control center. The control center look is very good and decent. You have a clean design control center. Now you got more shortcuts in the control center and you would also re-arrange the control center according to your usage. If you don’t like the new control center then you have also the facility to switch between the old control center and the new control center.


The MIUI 12 comes with a lot of animations. Now you will have animations in almost all things. When you open an app or any settings option you will see a clean looking animation. This animation will increase the usage pattern on the device and looks very beautiful.


Now you have a new feature in MIUI 12 called Super wallpaper. Which is looks like simple wallpaper but it can change when you will turn on the dark mode. This wallpaper can turn darker and more contrasted than in light mode. Now you can also set video wallpaper in MIUI 12.

App Drawer:

Now Xiaomi finally turns o the app drawer mode in the MIUI 12. Now you can set App drawer mode and simple mode anyone you like.

Sunlight Mode:

Now you have the sunlight mode in MIUI 12 which helps you to increase your screen brightness in the sun even your auto-brightness is off.

Backup and Restore:

Now you can backup your full phone data in the computer in just one click and restore it also in one click. This will copy all your data that are available on your phone.

Camera Application:

Now you will have a new design camera UI in new MIUI. The camera application is changed with the new design camera UI it looks similar to iOS.You have different modes available above the shutter button and advance features in the upper part of the phone.

Dark Mode 2.0:

Now you will have the new dark mode in new MIUI. Now the dark mode is not like the previous MIUI version black and white now the dark mode has different colors and looks pretty good.


The new MIUI 12 don’t have any major feature but the available features in MIUI 12 are pretty good and clean. The Optimization in the new OS is very good and very smooth. The overall UI on the phone is pretty awesome and you will have awesome overall usage experience.

Privacy Protection:

In the new MIUI, the privacy protection is very enhanced and you will see which thing gets your hardware access. You will see about the third-party apps that will use your hardware access and you will also turn the permission on or of for the specific app that you will not access this app to allow your permission.

So let me know your thoughts about the new MIUI 12 in the comment section below and as always I’ll see you tomorrow.

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