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Mi Notebook 14|The Best Laptop

Whatsup guys, In this post I want to tell you about the new Mi Notebook Horizon Edition.

Mi Notebook Horizon Edition


Mi Notebook is made especially for the content creators. This Laptop target the people who are content creators or in the production department. In the box, you have 65 Watt Charger which provides fast charging. You don’t have any camera with this laptop but you can get a dedicated USB-Camera out of the box.

Design and Build Quality:

Mi Notebook is made of metal but the metal quality is not so premium as compared to Apple Macbook Air. The design on this laptop is pretty clean you don’t see any logo or anything like that at the top of the laptop.

Keyboard and Trackpad:

The keyboard on this laptop is good and nicely layout you don’t face any issue while typing. The downside of the keyboard that this keyboard does not have a backlight keyboard. While the trackpad is also good and in good quality but the trackpad has only one click. the trackpad gave you some issue because you don’t get the same intensity on the trackpad while clicking.


On the left, You have your speaker grill, a Micro USB port, and a headphone jack. While the quality of the headphone jack is not soo good its pretty average.

On the right, you have your charging jack 2 micro USB port 1 HDMI port and a Type-C port.


The Mi Notebook comes with a 14-inch edge to edge display. The display quality is also pretty well and sharp. This laptop has 3.3 M.M bezels which are quite less and looks and feels great. The brightness of this display is quite bright.


You can play almost all types of games in medium to high graphics with this laptop. This laptop can perform well in video editing as well as graphic designing and programming.

RAM and Processors:

My notebook comes with the new Core i7 10th Gen with 8GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB Storage and you have the option to get 512 GB SSD storage as well. and the graphic card on this laptop is Nvidia GeForce MX250/MX350 GPU. This Laptop also comes in the i5 10th Gen Processor.


The camera on this device performs pretty well and the camera quality also looks very well.


This laptop can perform pretty well in battery life.MI claimes that this laptop can give you 10 hours of usage time but in my usage, this laptop gave me 6-7 hours of usage time that is also pretty good battery timing and this laptop also supports the fast charging so you can not worry about the battery life of this laptop.


The Sound quality on this laptop is not so great but pretty average.


MI Claims that this laptop is for the content creators it is a productivity laptop but I think if this laptop is for content creators then MI can include more RAM a backlight keyboard as well as a good graphic card in this. I Don’t say that this laptop is not good but a pretty average laptop. You can do day to day tasks easily with this laptop but the keyboard and the trackpad in my opinion are not soo good.


Mi Notebook comes in 2 variants the price of i5 10th gen with 8 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD is around 55,000. While the i7 10th gen with 8GB and 512 GB SSD comes around 60,000 in India.

So let me know your thoughts about the new MI Notebook Horizon Edition in the comments section below and as always I’ll see you tomorrow.

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