MI Band 5

MI Band 5| Better than MI Band 4

Whatsup guys, In this post I want to tell you about the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5. Xiaomi recently launched its new MI Band 5 with lots of new features. The last year MI Band 4 is the best band at that price so people are very excited to know how its new MI band 5 so let’s get into it.

MI Band 5

Build Quality:

The quality of the MI band 5 is quite good as MI Band 4.The strap is very strong and made of good rubber material as well. The Quality of overall MI Bad 5 is amazing and very strong.


The Display on MI Band 5 is quite bright and 1.1 Inches OLED display with the resolution of 126*294. The brightness on this display is going up to 450 Nits which is very impressive. This Band is brighter than MI Band 4. You have not to face any issues in day to day usage. This band support fully touches functionality not only directional touch.


The MI Band 5 comes with the 11 Sports features. This band also has a sleep monitoring feature as well as a continuous heart rate sensor. This band has Bluetooth 5.0 which is used in connectivity that this band can connect and perform fast than previous MI Band 4.This band also has an NFC feature that is quite amazing. This band also water Resistant which means you can wear it while taking your bath and swimming no worry about the watch. You have many features in this smart band and you also have many customization features in this.

You also have the feature to click photos with your MI Band 5 this feature uses your smartphone camera and you can capture a photo using your MI band 5.

This Band also has the facility of NFC. That is used in unlocking your Phones and laptops with your Smartwatch.

The sleep tracking feature can record your sleep data and you can see your sleep data in your MI Fit App.

The Continues heart rate Monitoring can monitor your heart rate 24/7 to give you the best and updated results.

This Band can also have a feature called swim tracking that can track your data while you are swimming and show the data in your watch widgets as well as the MI Fit app.

You also have the weather report in MI Band 5.

You can also set the alarm and reminders on the watch.

You can also have the feature to look at your notifications that are coming on your phone directly in your watch.

You also have the feature to get alerts of the incoming call in the band itself.

You also have the idle notification on this app that is used in for sitting in the same place without moving.

You also have the Stress level control feature in the MI Band 5.

This phone Uses the MI Fit app to control or looking at the history of your feature.

Watch Faces:

The Mi band 5 comes with the 100+ attractive looking watch faces. You also have the feature to customize and set it according to your taste. There are tons of unique watch faces available in MI band 5 that are looking very attractive.


This Band comes with 125 MAH Battery that is very good. You will get 15-20 days of battery life according to your usage pattern. The charger that comes with this band is a magnetic charger that is easily connected with the band.


The MI band 5 comes around 8500 PKR/- in Pakistan.

So Let Me know your thoughts about the MI Band 5 in the comment section below and as always I will see you tomorrow.

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