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iPhone XR! Is This The Best iPhone to Buy in 2020?

What’s up guys, In this post we are talking about the iPhone XR. Is This the best iPhone you can buy in Mid 2020? and this is gonna be if you are looking for the best iPhone Value.i have quite a few reasons why I think this is the case and I’m very happy that Apple did include or decide to keep this iPhone in the lineup even after the launch of 2020 iPhone SE.

iPhone XR


If we go over here in the Apple store you can see that the price point is around $599 or you can trade or get it for $499 which is a heck of a deal here. So that’s the first one price just the price of iPhone XR is still pretty good and you know that’s just apple prices you know if you look elsewhere you are gonna find this even cheaper.

Color Options:

If we go over here to the apple store I still think that iPhone XR has some of the best colors on any phone out there. You have Red, Yellow, White, Coral, Black or Blue and these are little bit more vibrant colors than the iPhone 11 which are a little bit more toned down they are not quite as bright so I do think that color option that comes for the iPhone XR makes it one of the better picks because you can personalize it according to your taste.


The Battery Life in iPhone XR is so far away better then the iPhone Se(2020) it’s not even close to this. The battery life on iPhone XR still getting easily through a day. And in my opinion in battery life, this phone can beat iPhone SE(2020) quite easily. So yeah XR is a fantastic performer in battery life.

Modern Looks:

The Apple iPhone XR has the more modern operation then the iPhone SE(2020) Because the gestures are here so that just makes it feel more up-to-date more 2020 than iPhone SE and a lot of people are gonna buy that because of the Touch ID but at the same time I’m just explaining reasons why I think that the iPhone XR is one of the best iPhones to buy in Mid of 2020.

It is the cheapest way to get the modern iPhone experience the face ID the gesture the bigger iPhone with the notch it’s just the more modern looking iPhone of 2020. This is the cheapest way you are going to get on it right now.


The iPhone XR does have the A12 Bionic chipset and that means that it gonna be beast for years to come no matter what you doing this chip just flies through everything. The A12 Bionic Chip is the key Feature why you want to consider picking up the iPhone XR

Face ID:

The iPhone XR is just having face ID I’m bored here for the iPhone XR just makes this a nice option I mean if you want the face id I think it’s a good reason why you pick up the iPhone XR right now if you don’t want to pay the Premium Prices of the new iPhones.


The iPhone XR just has the nice clean design a single camera nothing to fancy just one camera one flash right there. I think in this price range you are getting a nice clean looking iPhone right here.


Well the iPhone 11 pro-Max, as well as the iPhone 11 and the iPhone Se all, have more updated cameras the XR is no Slouch there is no night mode on the XR but it still produces the fantastic result with fantastic video performance that will give you up to 4K 60 FPS on this Phone.

Now it comes to the front camera I must say that the front camera on the iPhone XR is not as good as some of the newer iPhones that are capable of recording 4K 60FPS however it’s better than one in the iPhone SE(2020).

There are many options in iPhone XR unless you absolutely need the wide-angle and the night mode which also can be achieved by certain applications on this phone also has Smart HDR on here you probably don’t need the iPhone 11. This is the iPhone 11 without those things.

And I’m gonna mention one thing that displays is trash so many cheaper phones have a nice display then this you are correct that is the fact that there are better displays on some cheaper phones this but this display is not bad. This display a lot better than I initially thought it was gonna be it has really good brightness. It has haptic touch now. It also has a Dark mode.

So tell me your thought about the iPhone XR and as always I will see you tomorrow.

Have a Nice Day 🙂

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