iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus|3.5 Years Later! Still Amazing?

What’s up guys, In this post I’m going to tell you about my Experience on iPhone 7 Plus after 3.5 years later.

iPhone 7 Plus

Body and Design:

So the body and design due to the introduction of iPhone SE from 2020 don’t look irrelevant right now because Apple has not fully discontinued this design this is just a bigger version of the design right there in the iPhone SE 2020.

The bezels are thick super thick here but at least the display is flat on this phone that’s pretty nice super thin though I mean this phone is like 7.3 millimeters thick so very thin phone here definitely even thinner then XR it’s thinner than iPhone 11 and it’s definitely thinner then max devices it’s also pretty light as well for its size.

The display being flat but the display is also quite sharp 1080P gave this ting over 400 PPI and really when I look at the iPhone 7 Plus now I Super miss the 1080P on iPhone it is the best I think sweet spot here for the iPhone.For iPhone XR and the iPhone 11 does not look as sharp as this.also this is the same one that comes on the iPhone 8 plus.

This phone didn’t give us a true tone however it did us the dark mode and we did get a nice night shift.

16:9 Display here yeah you have bezels but you got something to hold on to on and videos fit properly. This display is pretty similar to a lot of newer iPhones these things go up to 625 nits of brightness so its plenty bright. This Phone also has a 3D touch which is very fast and efficient on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Touch ID:

The touch ID on iPhone 7 Plus works well with no complaints here. This is 2nd gen Touch ID works very well very fast never had an issue with touch ID on this Phone.


The performance on iPhone 7 plus after 3.5 years later still has incredible performance across the board for an A10 Fusion Chip this thing is not any Slowpoke I mean it’s still on the budget iPad and its all about optimization with iPhones. The reason why you can have a 3.5 years old iPhone and the thing still runs fantastic is because of optimization it’s not because the processor is the latest but because the optimization is good.In gaming, the phone is extremely warm.

The battery does dip quite a bit when under heavy use but the three GIGS of RAM is carrying on into the iPhone XR it carried on into the iPhone 8 plus but this phone still performs well no lag.

The only thing that I found is sometimes the apple stutter here and there if the phone is too hot but other then that it’s been pretty fine here even in 2020.


You can get up the iPhone 7 Plus to 256 GB. A lot of phones in that price range are offering that so if you want a second-hand cheap iPhone you can get a lot of storage here with the iPhone 7 Plus.


Well, the Selling point Here for the iPhone 7 plus was the dual 12 megapixels it was different from that iPhone 7 and that it had portrait mode as well as telephoto this was a big deal when the iPhone 7 plus came out not a lot of phones had this now every phone seems to have the telephoto camera just about. But this thing could go all the way up to 10X.

Now, this camera is not the best anymore. It doesn’t have the near dynamic range of newer iPhones it doesn’t have the smart HDR or anything like that it can’t even shoot 4K at 60 FPS which seems pretty standard. You can record Slow-mo at 720 at 240 FPS the newer phones could do 1080.

The front camera on here is 7 Megapixels and this pretty similar to new iPhone Se and this thing could do 1080 at 30 FPS so nothing overly impressive.


So when it comes to the Audio. The audio is not as loud as the newer iPhones but it still pretty good I mean stereo speakers. And this iPhone doesn’t have a headphone jack.


In the iPhone 7 plus we have a 1080P display 3.5 years later this boy still adds a phone as long as your battery health is not trashed. If this Phone has a High battery capacity this is still a good day phone this is not super impressive. But I find that this Phone will get me comfortably through a day. I get around 5 to 6 hours screen time but the standby time is pretty amazing.

Phone call quality:

The phone call quality is excellent on here LTE was strong on this phone as well. The phone call quality is pretty excellent here you don’t have any issues.


The iPhone 7 Plus experience though feels like nice the price you can get one of these now you won’t be disappointed but hopefully, this thing will get IOS 14 the bezels are huge on this device but the display is sharp the Touch ID still works Amazing.

If you are looking for a cheap Second Hand iPhone maybe you don’t have iPhone even before you want a big you want to try this thing. but I was not Recommended this if you are looking for a long term solution you might look at iPhone SE 2020 or even iPhone XR.

So tell me your thought about the iPhone 7 Plus in 2020 and as always I will see you tomorrow.

Have a Nice Day 🙂

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