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iOS 14 Beta 1 Review|Better than Android 11

Hey What’s up guys, In this post I’m Going to tell you about the new iOS 14 Beta 1 Features.

So Guys iOS 14 Has been announced for the developers as of now but the public beta should arrive sometime in July. So iOS is available for pretty much every iPhone that was running iOS 13. This was coming at 3.26 Gigabytes.

iOS 14


The first thing about the iOS 14 new features is the widgets. The Widget on the iOS 14 is a lot different than before, A lot Larger, more legible and yes now you can place these widgets to anywhere of the home screen.

App Library:

Now we have App Library which will definitely put all your apps in a clean folder over here and you kinda find everything very easily. In-App gallery iOS can categorize your Apps in different Folders according to the app category.

Now you can also Set any Page as a Home Page Which quite interesting. And now you can also Hide the apps Pages as well.

Smart Stack:

The Smart Stack is also a widget that you can place it anywhere on the home screen and kind of see essentially things that you would more often look at throughout the day.

Weather App:

So there’s more of a minute-by-minute forecast you would now see that the drizzles going to start actually. Now you can also see the Air Quality in the new weather app. It’s just a slightly updated but more in-depth weather application here on iOS 14.


Now if you reading an article or doing anything with your phone and call comes in the phone now this not mess up the entire phone that’s not gonna be the case anymore. Now the call coming in at the top of the screen I could just choose to answer that and end it.

Picture-in-Picture Mode:

So now in iOS 14, there is a Picture in Picture mode. So if you do are watching videos or stuff like that you can just kind to play those videos on the smaller screen as the iPad does.


Now the Siri in IOS 14 does have a compact layout and you can have a silent mode as well for Siri.


In an imessage there are a few new features like pinned conversations inlined replies as well as mentions.

Apple Maps:

In apple Maps there also a few updates here. the EV routing cycling directions and also there’s gonna be more guides for like when you traveling right now the cycling direction is only going to be available in certain cities as time goes on it will expand as well.

Apple Translate App:

Now in IOS 14, the apple introduces its new apple translate application. Now you can translate even offline and that all languages, of course, are gonna be supported you can also share audio recordings as well but now not all the languages are gonna be supported.


There also new wallpapers as well in iOS 14. There are 3 new Dynamic wallpapers available with IOS 14 and they will switch with the dark mode as well.

Sleep Tracking:

The Sleep Tracking in iOS 14 is gonna be amazing with iPhone and the apple watch. So in IOS 14, the sleep tracking comes. It also comes in the apple watch in a better way as before and combined with your iPhone for a much better and much in-depth experience.


So in 14, the camera is supposed to be faster to take photos that pretty nice, and also if we go in the video now we switch between the video modes here in the camera app.


Now in terms of location services you are gonna have the ability to share your location definitely in a little bit in a different way so you’ll be able to have an approximate on 14.

Home Kit:

If you use apple Home Kit automation features you’re gonna love iOS 14 because iOS 14 Allow you to automate everything in a lot more simple way.

There is a ton coming to iOS 14 as you’ve read in the post.

So let me know your thought about the new iOS 14 and as always I’ll see you tomorrow.

Have a nice day 🙂

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