How to install Android on Windows 10

How to install Android on Windows 10 (2020)

Hello Guys, Today in this post I want to show you how to install android on windows 10. In this post, I want to show you how to install android OS in windows 10. The method that I can show you today is the best method to run android in windows 10 because with this method you can also run Android and Windows at the same time.

You can also run the android on your low-end pc with this method. You can use this method with your AMD and Intel processors. With this method that I will show you today, you can also change the themes, install third party themes, and also customize it just like your android phones. With this method, you can also choose your favorite android version and install them into your windows 10 PC laptop or tablet.

So without wasting any time just take a look at how to install Android on Windows 10.

Install Android on Windows 10

Step 1: Open Any Web Browser on Windows 10 Device.

Step 2: Open This Website

Step 3: Click on Download Windows and this software has been downloaded.

Step 4: Now Search for android-x86 and there you can choose your favorite Android version and download that version according to your operating system (whether it is x86 or x64).

Step 5: Now you can open Unetbootin. And there you can select ISO. And you can change the type were you can install your in android. If you can install android in pc direct the chose Hard disk or if you install android in external source then choose that memory like USB or any other.

Step 6: Now select your ISO/Android file which you can download And click on next.

Step 7: Now the installation has been started wait for some time when the installation is not completed.

Step 8: Now you have Successfully install android on windows 10.

How to Run Android on Windows 10

Reboot your Device and there you can see two options if you can run android then click on unetbootin and your android can successfully run on windows 10. If you run windows then just click on Windows and your PC/Laptop/tablet can boot on windows.

How to install Android Apps on Windows 10

If you install android apps on windows 10 then go to the play store sign-in with your Google account. After signing in search for an app that you can download and click on it and there you can see the install option just click on it and your app will be download. After Downloading you will see your app on your android App drawer just click on it and enjoy the app.

So with these methods, you can use Android on Windows 10. These methods also working on another window like Windows 8, Windows 7, or any other windows. You can also customize it or root it like your android device. This is the actual Android ROM that can run on Windows.

How to Uninstall Android From Windows 10

If you can uninstall or delete it then you can also do this as well. Just Boot your PC/Laptop/Tablet in Windows. Open the Control panel clicks on Uninstall a program. There you can choose UnetBootin right-click on it and click on uninstall. And Android Can successfully uninstall from your PC/Laptop/Tablet.

So with this method, you can install android on windows 10. So let me know your thoughts about how to install android on windows 10 in the comment section below and as always I’ll see you tomorrow.

Peace 🙂

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