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Insane Apple Glass Leaks (2020)! Everything you need to know about Apple Glass!

Hey What’s up guys, In this Post I want to know you about Apple Glass. Apple Glass the entire project leaked by John Prosser I’m Sure apple’s not too happy about that it is supposed to be there one more thing at the iPhone 12 event this year. Now I’ve have got some follow up details exclusive About Apple Glass.

Apple Glass

A john Prosser latest Video he gives us the breakdown on this device that Apple has been working on for quite some time. It’s been shrouded in mystery and now he tells us it will be called Apple Glass not very original after google glass and Whatnot but it’s simple its clean. Now I’ll be pulling some info from the gadget cast interview Prosser gave and he gave more details on the design of this device we based our concept off.


He says that they look like traditional glasses they won’t look like anything crazy no cyborg attachment to your face although they are futuristic it’s always better for a new product new concept to have a friendly design that way it’ll be welcomed by the masses more readily if it had a more hostile design you could see how that would be a problem specifically he said they will be a sleek as hell.


The material he saw them in was a white plastic or a black plastic the plastic. He says That he likely be finished of course in a more premium metal at launch.

Now Apple is not targeting professionals with these glasses targeting the masses hence the friendly design they won’t anything look like anything crazy.


Now he says the Price will be $499 and there will be a prescription version that price will be separate now a little refresher here we’ve got a lot of details about the apple glass Project.


Apple Glass will not be doing the processing on your face will be offloading all of that to the iPhone and Prosser does confirm this saying it’ll be much like the apple Apple watch series zero with relied more on the iPhone and then as time goes on with newer generations Apple will remove hat reliance slowly and this is of course where that 802 11 A why the wifi standard comes in its a short-range wifi standard which is perfect for the apple glasses.

Now processor mentions it saw a prototype in a white and black finish the wine back mentions that Apple will release these in a light aluminum finish at launch.

Now as per announcement date Prosser mentions that Apple will be announced these at the iPhone 12 event this year in October and the actual release date is in the Q4 2021.

Prosser mentions that design may change by launch apple may want to spiff it up a bit make it a little bit fancier but essentially the design is supposed to look like a normal pair of glasses. They don’t necessarily want it to stand out.

another way they are going it to make more friendly is by not having a’ll have a lighter sensor instead on the right temple and switching to a max wine back exclusive that Apple was testing a version with dual camera in apple glass they decided not to go that route based on the failure of Snapchat spectacles in a way it feels sort of hostile just a camera pointed to everyone at any time not very friendly at least for the first-gen product its look like apple sticking to light art.

The Prosser mentions that the way you will charge them is by docking the glasses upside down on a provided wireless charging stand and it has a wireless charging feature.

Prosser also confirmed them that there will be a display on both lenses it will not use the freaky looking projector technology from google glass these will be baked into the lenses and processor specifically emphasizes that you will have to wear the glasses and looking through them from the back end to see the content what’s going on that display.

Prosser mentions that starboard is the official name of the app layout on the internal design it springs board on iPhones so quite similar. These glasses also use QR codes to display different things to the users and it goes hand to hand with the recent GO B app that we saw that are QR based app for IOS 14.

So these are t some of the rumors about apple Glass.

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