Huawei Under Display Camera SmartPhone

Huawei Under Display Camera SmartPhone|This looks pretty

What’s Up Guys, Every Year there’s a new must-have feature for flagship phones. Last year it was all about the waterfall displays. We’ve seen it Chinese displays such as Vivo NEX 3, and Huawei’s mate 30 pro. Waterfall display is basically when the sides edges of a display are curved to such a degree that you can’t see any side edge Bazel.its as if there if there’s a cliff edge on the screen. Now, the concept of a curved screen isn’t new by any means.

Samsung deserves credit for kickstarting the curved screen trend that’s now involved in waterfall displays.

The mate 30 pro and Vivo NEX 3 took the concept and pushed it to the next level and that’s only the beginning. We Already know where this trend will eventually take us and that’s full wraparound screens.

Xiaomi recently gave us a sneak peek in the form of Xiaomi MI mix alpha. the glass edges of the alpha flow to its back, pushing the concept of waterfall display to its ultimate conclusion.

Now before reaching that full wrap-around display showcased by Xiaomi, we can expect smartphone companies to expand the waterfall display to give more screen real estate, and that’s exactly Huawei’s is working on their future smartphone.

They filled a patent for an under-display camera smartphone with edges that curve to the back of the phone. It Looks like mate 30 pro but steroids.

Almost all the smartphone companies are working on their under-display camera smartphone, the last time we heard Samsung is considering launching s21 with this novel tech.

Huawei Under Display Camera SmartPhone:

So Huawei working on an under-display camera smartphone of their own is not news because it’s a given at this point.

But what interesting though is the new type of completely bazeless wrap around the display with its expensive screen real estate.

Ben Geskin made a render based on these patents and oh boy, does it make for a hell of a look.

There’s only a power button on top of the phone. and no volume button on sides which means the volume slider could be displayed virtually via a sidebar.

Now it goes on without saying that it is still patent and we don’t know which Huawei flagship phone end-up getting this design or even get this design. Because the company experiments with all kinds of designs all the time so this doesn’t guarantee an actual finished product.

But it makes you wonder though is this going too far?

Because I can already tell there will be two types of comments those who loved the design and those who hate it.and I get it why some of it hate it though.


Apart from looking futuristic and pretty, this doesn’t serve any functional benefits and ts impractical in many use cases. this display is quite easy to touch by accident, especially on large scale screens when reaching across it, so the likely hood of touching one or both sides and making a device do things you didn’t want it to is high. Furthermore, the absence of traditional buttons is taxing, and just doesn’t feel quite right to use.


But one the pro side, apart from looking futuristic and giving you an immersive feel, it also opens up a world of tailored software, where edge-specific lighting displays, alerts, and bespoke software interaction can be possible.

So there are pros and cons of this design let me know which sides are you on in the comments section below.

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