How to Turn android into iOS 14

Hello Guys, In this post I want to show you how you can convert your android Device into iOS 14. This is the best iOS 14 converting post that will enhance your android performance as well as the best Stability.

So without wasting any time let’s take a look at How to turn Android into iOS 14.

How to turn Android into iOS 14

1. iOS Launcher:

This app has the Best stability and Look and feel of iOS 14. This app has no issues in the performance.

To use this app Simply download this app and allow the permission set the wallpapers according to your choice. The Look of this app is exactly as the iOS 14.

This app also has iOS 14 Widgets and wallpapers and control center and notification center as well.

Download iOS launcher

2. iOS 14 Dialer iCall screen:

This Dialer is perfect for iOS 14 . This dialer has the best stability and features like iOS 14.

This app also has the Look and feel of iOS 14 Dialer.

Download iCall Screen

3. Access Dot:

This application saves you from the worries about anything on your smartphones that uses your permissions. This app knows you the granted permission that which thing uses our which section of your phone just like if you use a camera you will see an orange dot in the top right corner. You will also change the color of the dot of specified permission.

Download Access Dot

4 .Back Tap Gestures:

In the new Android 11 There a new feature that allows you to add gestures simply Tapping on the back. You have the option to open a specific app, Turn on the torch, or take a screenshot. But this feature is not available on all the devices because all the devices do not support the new Android 11.

But if you use this feature in all Android phones you need to install an app called tap tap. This Application allows you to get back the tap feature on your phone. This app also has more gesture options like a double tap, triple tap, and long tap options. You can also select the sensitivity to use back tap options. You can also use the utilities and apps according to your choice in this app.

Download Tap Tap


So These are the best Apps to Convert your Android Phone into iPhone iOS 14. So let me know your thoughts about the how to convert android phone into iOS 14 in the comment Section Below.

Peace 🙂

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