How to make your iPhone faster

How to Make Your iPhone Faster (iPhone Tips & Tricks 2020)

Hello Guys, In this post I want to show you how to make your iPhone Faster. Today in this post I can give you my personal tips and tricks to speed up iPhone.

With Today’s tricks, your iPhone will perform Faster instantly. 

So without wasting any time let’s take a look at how to make your iPhone faster.

How to make your iPhone faster

iCloud Settings:

The first thing that I will always recommend to make iPhone faster is iCloud settings. Go to the iCloud Settings and there you will see a lot of settings that are turned on this means your data will constantly syncing with Cloud.

This Thing will Consume, iPhone CPU & GPU, iCloud Storage, Your Phone Data, and Battery as well.

So you will just turn Off the things that you will not use Such as Safari Data, News Syncing ETC. You can also Turn Off Additional Apple apps data syncing as well as Third-Party Apps Data Syncing.

Face ID:

Face ID is the only biometric option in the iPhone. Almost everyone is using Face ID to unlock his/her phone. So if you want to Make Your Face ID even faster.

Simply go to the Face ID option enter the passcode. and click on Set up an alternate appearance. This feature will help you to unlock the phone with another person or set up your face twice. 

So if you use the same face twice it means it has more data points to unlock your iPhone even faster.

So I will definitely Recommend to set up the face twice for a faster Face ID Unlock.

Data Download Speed:

As you know iPhone 12 Models is coming with 5G technology which means you can download things faster than iPhone 11. But if you make your iPhone Data Speed more Faster.

Go to the Settings then go to the Cellular option then click on cellular data options then click on data mode and turn on Allow more Data on 5G.

This means You can download things even faster. This Option can also improve the Video Quality in Facetime as well as different Video Calling apps.

iCloud Drive Over Wifi:

This Option is also very helpful to speed up your iPhone. Because This Option will also save your mobile data as well as battery. 

So if you do this go to the settings then the cellular option then scroll all the way down to the iCloud drive and turn that off. This option will allow your device to only sync your data to iCloud when using Wi-Fi.

Automatic Download iOS Update:

Turn Automatic Download iOS Update off because this will automatically download iOS data and you cannot realize that, This will Also Consume the iPhone Battery and performance as well. 

So I will recommend to turn that feature off.

Gp to the settings then go to the General then click on Software Update. Click on Automatic Updates and turn Off Download iOS Updates and also turn off install iOS Updates.

If you want to update your iPhone then you will update your iPhone manually.

Cellular Data for Photos:

This Option will consume your iPhone power and battery as well. This option will constantly use iPhone data back and forth.

So turn this off go to the Settings then click on photos and go to the cellular data option and turn off cellular data. This option will only sync your iCloud photos with wifi only. 

So I will highly recommend to turn that feature off to save your iPhone data and battery life and get more performance with your iPhone.

So these tips help me on how to make my iPhone faster. So let me know your thoughts on How to make your iPhone faster in the comment section below.

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