How to improve Battery life on iOS 14

How to Improve Battery Life on iOS 14-iOS 14 Tips & tricks

Hello Guys, Today in this post I want to show you how to improve battery life on iOS 14 without installing any third-party application. If you are using iOS 14 then you will realize that iOS 14 consume much more power than the previous ios 13.

So today I will share my tips and tricks to achieve an all-day battery life with ios 14. So without wasting any time let’s take a look at how to improve battery life on ios 14.

How to improve Battery life on iOS 14

1. Delete Unusable Apps:

This Trick can save your battery up to 30%. Just go through your phone and look at the apps that you are not using. Simply delete that app to save battery life on ios 14 because the battery that you are not using can also take phone battery in the background. You can also delete the Apple Apps that you are not using such as Tips, Stock App Etc.

2:iCloud Sync:

The next important thing to have good battery life is not syncing Apps that you don’t necessarily need in the iCloud. Simply disable or off the Sync of that Thing and you can notice many battery improvements in ios 14 immediately.

3. Dark Mode:

If you are using Apple iPhone X or newer then you can use the dark mode all the time. Because the dark Mode in OLED display improves much battery Life. Use Dark Mode as much as you can to improve battery life on iOS 14.

4. Custom Low Power Mode:

The low power mode is also very helpful to improve battery life on the iPhone. You can enable this mode manually or this mode can enable automatically when the battery goes down to 20 percent. This mode can decrease Network performance as well as overall phone performance to increase the battery life to last longer. To enable this mode in the custom percentage you can do this trick.

Go to the Siri Shortcut App. Go to the Automation option at the bottom of the Siri Shortcut. Then Click on the “+” icon. Then click on Create personal Automation. Then there you can see Battery Level. Then Select the Percentage when the low power mode is enabled. Then Choose Fall Below 50% Option.

Now Click Next Then “Add Action“. Then search for low power mode. Click Next and disable the Ask Before running option. Then Click Done.

Now when your Phone goes down to 50% Low power mode Automatically Enable.

5. Disable Hey Siri:

On the Settings Go to the Siri and disable the “Listen for Hey Siri” option. And Also disable Siri’s suggestion because this will also Run all the time in the background.

6. Widgets:

If you are using widgets in Homescreen then this will also consume battery. So if you can increase battery life you can not use apple widgets as well as third-party widgets on the home screen.

7. Background App Refresh:

Disable unused Apps in the Background App Refresh or if you increase Battery life up to 20% Turn Off the Background App Refresh.

8. Disable iPhone App Location:

To improve battery life set app location to the “while using” option. And also disable iPhone Analytics, Popular near me, and Routing & Traffic. To disable this go to the location system services and disable those options. And also disable Significant locations.

9. App Updates:

To increase Battey life on iOS 14 Turn off Auto Update apps. To disable go to the Settings App store Then disable Apps and App Store.

So with these tricks, you can save battery life on iPhone iOS 14. SO let me know your thoughts on How to Improve Battery Life on iOS 14 in the comment section below.

How to improve Battery life on iOS 14

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