Configure SMTP in WordPress

How to Configure SMTP in WordPress (2021)

Hello Guys, In this Post I want to show you How to configure SMTP in WordPress. Many Users Face the issue of sending and recieving emails in wordpress. There are many users who will face issues in wordpress about not sending and recieving emails of Forms, Woocommerce and any other email to the user’s as well as admin.

The SMTP Configuration will also help the users to send and recieve mails in time and also your mails will directly go to the customers inbox not in spam or promotional tabs.

So In this post I want to show you the easy steps on how to setup and configure SMTP in wordpress emails.

So without wasting anytime let’s take a look at how to configure SMTP in WordPress.

How to Configure SMTP in WordPress

Step 1: First install a Plugin Called WP Mails SMTP by WP Forms. Go to the Plugins then click on add new now in search bar enter WP Mails SMTP and install and activate the plugin.


Download WP Mails SMTP

Step 2:  Now in New tab open Google Developers console and click on the Create project at the top. Now create a New Project and and enter the details. After creating the new project select that project.

Step 3: After Selecting that project click on enable APIS and Services. Now a Search bar appears here you can search for gmail api and click on that and enable that service.


Step 4: After Enabling the gmail API a new screen appears click on Create Credentials and select the credentials type to GMail API after selecting that a new opton appears select user data and click on next.


Step 5:  Now Enter all the required details of your website name Email ETC and click on save and continue.

Step 6: In Scopes option simply Click on Save and continue. 

Step 7: In OAuth Client ID Choose Web Application and here you can see a new option called Authorised JavaScript origins. Here you can add the domain name of your website. After that one more option called Authorised redirect URIs. Here you can go to the wp mails smtp to your to your wordpress site and there you will see Authorised redirect URIs Copy that URL and paste on the google developers console option and click on next.

Step 8: Here you can have the Client ID paste that Client ID to WP Mails SMTP. After that Click on Done.

Step 9: Now go to the option OAuth Consent Screen and click on publish app. After Publish the App Go to the Credentials and click on edit the project you created. After Click on Edit here you can see the Client ID and Client Secret. Copy that keys and paste it into the WordPress WP Mails SMTP. And Fully configure that by adding the details.


Now Your Emails is start Working Perfectly. Enjoy: ) 

So With this Steps you can Configure SMTP in WordPress. These Setup of SMTP will Help you to get Recieve and Sending Emails to your Inbox Directly.  So let me know your thoughts about How to Setup and Configure SMTP in WordPress to fix Emails Issues in the Comments Section Below.

Peace 🙂

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