Google Pixel Buds 2020

Google Pixel Buds 2020 Review|Is This Better than Apple Airpods Pro?

Hey What’s up Guys, Today in this post we are talk about Google Pixel Buds 2020.

The Google Pixel Buds 2020 cost around $179 they have a 5-hour battery and they don’t have noise cancellation actually on the surface with just those specs they are not that impressive at all right you know pretty average battery life no noise cancellation like some of the others premium buds so what makes them so good.

It’s just that they nail all the fundamentals like really well and I’ve just been rock solid to use. So you can start with the case. Its a sweet soft touch matt finish. I like the white ones and its got a white and black contrast like the panda pixel there are the matching lights one on the inside and one on the outside and the buds just go right in and snaps satisfyingly into place with the magnets pretty easily and they’ve strong magnet.

It’s around the same size as apple AirPods pro case and the same volume too. If they can fit in the tiny pocket inside the main pocket in my jeans I’m in I will carry these.

But then the top of all of that its a USB type C port on the bottom for wired charging and there’s also wireless charging. So you can drop them on a wireless charger wheres the coils lineup. That also Supports reverse Wireless Charging.

this is a nice case wireless charging USB type-C all of this together that’s nice so then we get to the buds.

These are also white if you want to a little more low-key there is also a black version and some of the other colors coming soon.

But they are also very small to the point where the super low profile in my ear is nice selling point they don’t stick out very far at all like it just looks like a little disc in your year there’s no stem and they stay in my ears well thanks to its little mini wing tip things.

Now, these are permanently attached to the buds so they are part of the actual earbud unlike some others like in the past that are much more adjustable and you know everybody’s ears are different so hard to say that if this will work for everyone but they are a great fit for me you set them in place and you just kind of twist them into your year and they lock into your ear and they are not going anywhere and comfort is also very good.

Pros: The upside of the Google Pixel Buds 2020 is also ipx4 water-resistant so if you want to go workout in them they will survive some sweat or some rain if you are running outdoors so all that is great.

So how do they sound that’s the big question with these all the people have some mixed opinions on them to keep it perfectly simple they sound pretty great I’m a fan of the sound these guys have 12-millimeter drivers that give great detail and volume even some impressive instruments separation if you are just like sitting still and just listening which I did for a while no weird issues or anything with the sound and they’re compatible with a great of stuff.

Cons: Now the Downside some people will have is that bass is lacking a little bit of punch you know its a little bit lighter on the bass now this is fine for watching videos and phone calls and podcast but a lot of people are used to more bass while listening to the music you know if you have come from like beats or something else with heavier bass then you might prefer a bit of different sound. and keep in mind these do not have noise cancellation but it Has passive noise isolating.

Extra Features of Google Pixel Buds 2020:

There’s a lightweight pixel buds app that you can install in the setup process and you get the swiping and tapping controls on the buds.

There’s also have the feature called adaptive sound which automatically controls the media volume on based on the loudness of the environment you in.

The case also has the feature called a quick charge. You will charge your buds 10 mins and get the 2 hours of listening time.

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