Dell XPS 15 9500

Dell XPS 15 9500 Full REVIEW|The Perfect Laptop?

Hey What’s up guys, Today we are here with Dell XPS 15 9500.

Key Features: The Dell XPS 15 9500 has a new 10th gen intel processor and faster GTX 1650 ti Graphics were getting the biggest design overhaul to the XPS line up in about four years. It does feel like the big brother to the XPS 13. But you can see they’ve gone with the same 16:10 aspect ratio the super-thin bezels including getting rid of that chin at the bottom there’s no dell logo anymore and the new XPS 15 also adds a much bigger trackpad a refined keyboard richer and bassier speakers USB Type C finally and overall a much sleeker design.

It finally has Three USB-Cs and SD Card reader and a headphone jack With these changes though I think more than ever this feels like the windows MacBook pro.

Price: In the US the Dell XPS 15 9500 Starts at just $1300 which gets you an i5 8GB of RAM and 256 GB Storage but it misses out on the dedicated graphics card but if you don’t care about that then its good value.

But if you want Proper XPS 15 with the graphics card then in the UK you’re gonna have to pay at least 1600 pounds or in the US $1750 which is quite a lot considering you still get the 8GB of RAM 256 Storage and full HD screen as the base model.

But if you want Touchscreen with 4K Screen 16 GBs of Ram and 1 TB of storage.

Display: I Like this Screen it has a FaceUnlock a Fingerprint Sensor which you can use these things like banking and online payments.

Keyboard: The keyboard has a new feel to it compared to the last year you can see the keycaps and the whole keyboard itself have been widened so it feels more spacious and comfortable to type on the key also has a more rubbery less plasticky feels to them last year and still one of the quietest keyboards as well but no less tactile or responsive. Its a great keyboard and paired with this huge new precision touchpad again giving us that MacBook pro vibe it just feels more modern and refined it’s lovely to use

Speakers:The speakers are also much better than before and id say that this comes second only to the MacBook Pro 16″.It’s incredibly punchy maybe a little too basic

Camera:Now as for the webcam well the good news is it’s in a good place but it’s on the top bezel unlike the XPS is from a couple of years ago where it was on the bottom and it would look up you nose quality is pretty decent it’s a little bit noisy it’s not the brightest.

There’s is no OLED option the LCD is stunning brightness peaks at 500 nits it supports display HDR400 and it covers the 100% sRGB 100% Adobe RGB and 93% p3 Colour Gamut So it definitely above average for color Accuracy.

Performance: The new XPS is nearly 26% faster in cinebench 8% faster in geekbench 8% faster in single-core and 19% faster in multi-core.Moving on the graphics so again using geekbench 5 the new XPS is nearly 9% faster in OpenCL and about 9.5% faster in CUDA in 3d time spy test of both of the processors and the graphics we can see a huge 35% Boost.

In real-life use, I can see the 24% Percent boost according to my usage.

in Video editing, in Adobe Premier I can see the export and rendering time of the same video is 15% faster then XPS 13 that is a good step.

Battery: the dell reduced the size of the battery from 97 Watt-hours down to 86 Watt-hours which is a bit disappointing But in my Usage the battery life is similar to last year 4K model in normal use I can get about 6 Hours of Battery in normal use.

Should You Buy New Dell XPS 15 9500

as a package with a new design taller screen USB C charging better speakers a more spacious keyboard and a huge trackpad plus with a 19% performance boost. The Dell XPS 15 9500 is an incredible Laptop But I do highly recommend it.

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