Can Nokia 9.3 is Best?

Can Nokia 9.3 is Best?

Oh, We Back again with the Nokia news.

What’s up guys Nokia is working hard on its Nokia 9.3 5G flagship phone. Nokia 9.3 is Coming with an insane 8k Resolution camera. This is something that galaxy s20 can do but only at 24 FPS(frames per second) it’s not as smooth which is why people stick with 4k unless you have tripod or phone stabilized and its all good but 30fps would have been the ideal option to go for and well Nokia they have been kind of looking at Samsung washing their take on 8k video and their gonna do it better so as for latest leak Nokia is bringing 8k video at 30 fps (frames per second )on its flagship phone according to the inside report the results look pretty impressive and they are currently working on optimizing the camera algorithm so you may not know this but Nokia is exclusive partner of Zeiss.

its a german company know for their excellent optics for the first time with Nokia 9.3 PureView Zeiss is working on special science effects for this camera in addition to that there is going to be a pro mode in the works as well with full control over your ISO aperture along with the raw output since it is a brand new big sensor we also get a pro night mode now the company that is collaborating with Nokia in the making of this camera along with zeiese is called the finish. the most interesting thing about this camera is that Nokia is implementing the ultra-wide-angle lens as 108 MP that is the first time you gonna see this type of implementation and the main  MP comes with 64 mp sensor a 48 mp telephoto lens will be there another sensor for depth camera and other for macro shots in total 5 cameras.

The Nokia 9.3 PureView surely looks pretty packed. it’s gonna be rocking with snapdragon 865 chip 12 GBs of ram UFS 3.1 storage quad HD display and it might be the first smartphone that has been the under-screen camera technology that we are so waiting to see happen also in the news Qualcomm has officially announced a new and Improved snapdragon 768 5G chip this is the second-best chip from Qualcomm that could power a lot of phone like the pixel 5 and higher Samsung a series phones and possibly the Nokia 8.3 5g Phones, yes the Nokia is also working in 8.3 and 6.3 5G phones that would be at a mid-range level around that $500 price range so we could see this chipset coming with 8.3 5G phones this chip got 15% faster GPU gains and also increase 15% faster performance. It fully supports the native display resolution of 120 Hz pretty awesome improvement so interesting development in the Nokia leaks.

Can Nokia 9.3 is Best?

The body of Nokia 9.3 front and back is glass where the sides of the Nokia 9.3 are built with aluminum and its IP68 water and dust resistant.

The display of Nokia 9.3 is a P-OLED capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors and with corning gorilla glass 5 protection and the resolution of 1440*2880 with HDR10+ that is great.

the Nokia 9.3 has a 5000Mah Battery with fast charging and also has wireless fast charging.

the Nokia 9.3 has an inbuilt fingerprint sensor.

the Nokia 9.3 has android 10 with 3 years of software support that is a good step by Nokia.

This Nokia Comes with two colors: Black and Blue

My Verdict:

Nokia smartphones are just known for their quality. If this News is correct I can say that this phone can replace the market of Samsung because Samsung with this year’s Flagship smartphone Samsung galaxy s20ultra can disappointed people because of its problems. So if this news is correct it can replace the galaxy s20 ultra 🙂

I can not be guaranteed that the information on this blog is 100% is just rumors from Nokia and different companies. If you know anything about that content please inform us we add your content in this blog.

So which flagship phone you thing the most exciting is the iPhone 12 series or Nokia 9.3 or other upcoming smartphones be sure to comment below and post.


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