Best Apps For Youtube

Best Apps For Youtube in 2020

Whatsup guys, In this post I want to tell you about the best apps for Youtube in 2020 to become an efficient YouTuber. Every YouTuber does don’t have the PC’s or laptops available to grant access to edit videos and make thumbnails and other things. So today I want to show you the best apps for youtube in 2020 that are easily available in Play Store as well as App Store.

So Without wasting any time lets get into the list:

Best Apps For Youtube

1.Pixel Lab:

This app is used to create images. In youtube, this app Is generally used to make thumbnails for youtube. You can create almost any kind of youtube thumbnails with this app and also make the thumbnails in full HD resolution. You can also create the thumbnails with this app in Urdu or any writing.

Download Pixel Lab

2.Mobizen Screen Recorder:

This app is used to record the screen on your smartphone. You can record HD Screen records with this app. You can easily record your screen in one tap. There are a ton of different and unique functionality to record your screen. You have a floating window button on the edge of the screen that has all the quick settings.

Download Mobizen Screen recorder

3.Open Camera:

This app is used to youtube videos. This application has many useful features that stock camera application does not have. You can record Stabilized videos with this app. This app can also support an external mic feature to record your voice in HD quality.

Download Open camera

4.Kine Master:

This app is a video editing app. You can edit your videos easily and in full HD quality with this app. This app has PC level editing features on your smartphone. You can also make videos with this editor. This video editing App has many Filters and effects for free that every video content creator needs. You can easily edit your videos in professional ways with this app without having any experience in video editing.

Download Kine Master

5.YT Studio:

This app is used to analyze your stats on Youtube. This app is very useful to see your analytics of your youtube channel as well as the specific videos. If you can upload videos with your smartphone then this app also helps you to edit your videos using this app. You can also add tags to your videos using this app. This app also shows you the real-time subscribers as well as the Revenue of the specific video of youtube. This app is made by youtube on its own so this app is very accurate and gives you the best results.

Download YT Studio

6.Stream Lab:

This app is used for the live stream on the youtube channel. If you stream live on your channel then this app is for you. You can stream live on your youtube channel with your smartphone while playing games or do anything you want to do on live streaming. This app also has many overlays or stream cards.

Download Stream Lab

7.Rapid Tags:

This app is used to find tags for your youtube videos. This app is automatically finding the top tags for your videos to rank your videos high on youtube.  You can just write keyword of your video and this app can generate you the top 15 best tags to rank your videos. Then You can just copy o paste the tags on your youtube studio app and you are ready to go.

Download Rapid Tags

So these are my list on the best apps for youtube in 2020. So let me know your favorite best apps for youtube in 2020 in the comment section below and as always I’ll see you tomorrow.

Peace 🙂

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