Best apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Top 7 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 2021

Hello Guys, In this post I want to show you the top 7 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in 2021. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best phones in Samsung’s history. 

Nowadays we will get a Samsung galaxy note 8 at a cheap price. So in this post, I want to show you the top Best apps for the Samsung galaxy note 8 in 2021.

So without wasting any time let’s take a look at the best apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Best apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

1. S Note:

Samsung galaxy note 8 comes with Samsung Note which is good but you can install S Note on your galaxy note 8 because this app has so many additional features that Samsung note does no have.

You can configure the pen as well as the background of the document with S Note. This app also has a shape recognition tool to help you to draw the shape correctly. 

You can also categorize your notes with S Note. You can also record your sketching with the S Note app. You can also make pages of your notes which is a very good feature.

Download S Note

2. Fingerprint Gesture:

So with this app, You can use your Samsung galaxy note 8  fingerprint sensor for other things like a single tap can open an app or double-tap can enable your torch, etc. 

Fingerprint Gesture Help you to add gestures to your fingerprint sensor as per your choice.

Download Fingerprint Gestures

3. Navbar Apps:

Navbar Apps helps you to change the navigation bar color as per your application icon color which looks very cool and unique. 

You can also add a custom navigation bar color to the particular app with this application.

Download Navbar Apps

4. Material Notes:

Material Notes is the neatest app for writing notes. This application has multiple colors in which you can create your notes. 

You can also Mark as favorite your notes as well as you can archive your notes.

You can also make a list of your notes with this app. 

Material notes also help you to add the note widget to your phone home screen as well.

Download Material Notes

4. Clipboard Actions:

Clipboard Actions help you to add multiple copy objects in your notification bar.

This app also helps you to do things directly from the notification bar like open Maps, Translate the clipboard ETC.

Download Clipboard Actions

5. Amoled Live Wallpaper:

This is the best wallpaper app for your Galaxy Note 8. This App has So many good Live wallpapers that are perfect for AMOLED displays to save your phone battery.

The Wallpaper on this application is very unique and different and looking quite good.

Download AMOLED Live Wallpaper

So these are the top apps for the Samsung galaxy note 8 in 2021. So let me know your thoughts about the top apps for the Samsung note 8 in the comment section below.

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