Best Android Apps of 2021

Top 14 Android Apps of 2021 – Best Android Apps of 2021

Hello Guys, In This Post I want to show you the Top 14 Android Apps of 2021. These are the Best android apps of 2021. In this Apps List, I want to show you the best Android apps that are available on the Google Play Store for free.

These apps on the list are the Best and Top feature apps of 2021. So without wasting any time let’s take a look at the best android apps of 2021.

Best Android Apps of 2021

1. Loom:

Record your screen and camera with one tap. Share that content in an instant with a link.

Loom for Android is the fastest, easiest way to record content on the go and stay connected with your team. Whether you’re screen recording product demos, giving feedback, or simply sharing your thoughts, Loom makes it simple to stay in the loop with async video.

Over 14 million people across 200,000 companies use Loom to record, share, and review asynchronous videos. From HubSpot to Atlassian, to Netflix, Loom is the screen recording and collaboration tool of choice for top companies.

Using Loom, you can collaborate with your team, add time-stamped comments and reactions to those videos, and save videos you’ve recorded to your device. Now, you can spend less time crafting the perfect email in-between meetings and say it with video using Loom for Android.

• Record your screen, camera, microphone, and internal audio
• Automatically save videos to the cloud and share them instantly with a link
• Get notified when someone views, reacts or comments on your video
• Leave time-based comments and emoji reactions
• Manage your Loom video library on-the-go and across devices
• Choose who can see your video with security and access controls
• Download recordings to your camera roll
• Adjust video playback speed
• Edit and trim your video using the Loom web app

Download Loom

2. Gesture:

The gesture is the Best android app doing things in shortcuts. You can create a custom shortcut gesture using this app and when you do that shortcut on your screen you can go to that app.

Gesture Can Perform shortcuts with custom gestures.

Download Gesture

3. Friendspire:

Finding what to watch, read, or eat has become too difficult. So we created Friendspire, a simpler way to find and save new favorites.

Friendspire helps you find, save, rate, and share better recommendations and reviews for movies, tv shows, books, podcasts, restaurants, and bars.

Friendspire is unique because we incorporate authentic recommendations from real people, as well as use cutting-edge artificial intelligence (wow, sounds fancy!) to spot what is trending!

Download our free app now and join the fast-growing Friendspire community!

What to watch, and where to watch it!
Stop endlessly scrolling through Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, HBO, or other streaming services looking for your next movie or TV show! Friendspire can show you where to watch and what to watch. No longer waste time in IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. Friendspire is the TV guide you need for 2021. So whether you are looking for a specific genre like comedy, drama, documentary, thriller, or something more specific like tv novels, true crime, talk shows this has all the tv listings and reviews you need to decide exactly what to watch on your TV or favorite streaming service.

Likewise, get recommendations for the perfect book to accompany you on your travels? Delete all your other book apps! Friendspire is the book app made for 2021. So whether you like the feel of a traditional paperback, you like ebooks or audiobooks like Apple Books, Amazon Kindle, Audible, or Blinkist, then Friendspire is the perfect community to find your next great read and build your book list and bookshelf. You can find books with suspense, romance, drama, books for kids, and even free books if that’s your jam. Follow book clubs like Hello Sunshine and Oprah’s Book Club to ensure that you always know what their book of the month is.

Radio is so yesterday, yup, today podcasts are all the rage. Whether you are a podcast beginner, a podcast addict, or a true crime junkie Friendspire is the podcast app for your iPhone. We will give you the Inspiration to find your new favorite free podcast. To mention a few: How I Built This with Guy Raz? The Daily? Serial? Oprah’s SuperSoul conversation? Wondery Podcasts? Spotify Podcasts? Apple Podcasts? Duolingo?

Likewise, we all know the feeling of not being able to find that really special spot when we want to go out for a special date night, a good brunch, a beer with friends, or just a casual meal. Let’s be honest browsing through TripAdvisor, Yelp, or researching online can provide average recommendations at best. So the next time you are about to make a restaurant reservation jump over to Friendspire and make sure to get that special find in your city or the one you are visiting while traveling!

Friendspire boasts one of the most impressive list databases on the internet! Thousands and thousands of curated, featured, and user-generated lists across all of our categories. Explore, save, comment, and interact with lists like “Top Netflix Originals”, “Best rom coms for the summer” and “Shows like Game of Thrones”.

Additionally, you can get inspired by recommendations and reviews from verified tastemakers, or trusted profiles like The Michelin Guide, The Oscars, Eater and so many more!

We are constantly working to implement state-of-the-art AI and machine learning to ensure that our algorithms can identify personalized recommendations for you.

Download Friendspire

4. Productivity Launcher:

Welcome to the Productivity Launcher ⭐️

Tired of the clutter? Want to take a shot at being more focused?
Let’s help you with your goal to digital detox and live a life free from unwanted distraction!

Why use this launcher:

🔥 To enhance your productivity and focus by using minimalism at its best
🔥 Creating deliberate friction to decrease your screen time and save your life
🔥 Focus on what matters – only the core apps you really need are on the home screen
🔥 Plentiful customization options – tweak it as you like it

Features List:

✅ More than 20 themes – including light & dark themes
✅ More than 20 custom fonts to choose from
✅ Renaming apps to make them contextual
✅ Hiding personal or secret apps
✅ Battery percentage indicator
✅ Quick Access to Clock
✅ Icon Packs support
✅ Quick Access to Calendar
✅ Phone call widget for Urgent Moments

Why you should abandon regular launcher instantly:

❌ The flashy and vibrant icons are screaming at you to click them!
❌ You are bombarded with infinite apps on a single screen when you swipe up!
❌ Gestural navigation becomes a habit – you subconsciously use more phones than you intend to!
❌ Infinite scrolling “news” feed is just a swipe away!
❌ Negligible customization available – just try hiding time and date on your home screen!

Download Productivity Launcher

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Best Android Apps of 2021

5. Snapdrop | ShareIt:

Snapdrop App will help you to transfer large and small files with the same Wifi access. This will help you to transfer large files easily and Wirelessly.

How to use this app:

1. Open the Snapdrop app (or visit
2. Tap on a device name and select files to transfer.
3. Make sure both devices are connected to the same Wifi or hotspot.

Download Snapdrop

6. PAPERS Wallpapers:

PAPERS WALLPAPERS app comes with an awesome and unique collection of HD WALLPAPERS and Backgrounds. Make you’re mobile stand out with excellent HD Quality wallpapers and Background. Each and every wallpaper is unique in its own way. Give a special look to your device using this Papers HD wallpapers app now.

This application has thousands of awesome wallpapers and backgrounds. And New wallpapers are added to the list every day. so you’ll get New wallpapers every day for your device. And each Wallpaper is designed to fit with any screen and widgets.

✦ Awesome collection HD, 4K, WALLPAPERS
✦ Daily New High-Quality Wallpapers arrival.
✦ Upload and Download Wallpapers
✦ Well-arranged categories and added new categories over time.
✦ Simple and Easy Design Layout
✦ Browse Wallpapers by Popular, Random, and Featured
✦ Search By Name, Categories, and Colors
✦ And Much more options like Share, Save, Crop, Setting as a wallpaper, Set as Lockscreen, etc
✦ Create Your Favorite Collection by adding it in a fav.
✦ Exclusive amazing wallpapers that are hardly found anywhere else.
✦ Wide range of High Quality with separate categories
✦ FREE and always will be.

Choose among hundreds of awesome HD Images and feel the best phone customization ever. So what you are waiting for download the app and experience the change.

we can assure you that you’ll love this app. Our Team is always working to give you Masterpiece new wallpapers every day. So you can feel happiness every time you look at your screen wallpaper.

Download Papers Wallpaper

7. Touch Protector:

Lock the touch screen while playing games, videos, and music. A well-established app for preventing accidental operation, continuously developed since 2013. Rich customization, free, no ads.

Touch Protector is different from ordinary screen lock apps. Please watch the video below to check it out.

Download Touch Protector

8. Tweek:

Tweek is a free personal and shared to-do list app to organize your tasks and collaborate on them online with your team or family. It provides a weekly calendar view mode and a reminder app. Tweek is an online daily and weekly planner that boosts your productivity to the best level. Instantly plan and organize your week todos!

To enhance your productivity, Tweek is built around a week calendar view without any hourly scheduling. We’d say it’s the best view to organize your life and work without stress.

Planner Stickers and Color Themes

Plan your week and highlight the important stuff with colors or emoji stickers. All that comes with a cozy highlighter-and-paper experience.

Your ultimate printable to do list template

Go beyond online planning. Our app features a beautiful printable template. Print your calendar filled out or empty and do whatever you want: pin it to a wall, use it for a brainstorming session with your team, or present your schedule to a client.

Notes, Checklists & Subtasks

Note down your thoughts with a rich-text editor or add subtasks if you need to split something into smaller tasks. Be on the road creating checklists to facilitate your event planning.

Google Calendar synced

Unleash the productivity zen by having your favorite Google Calendar instantly synced with Tweek.


We well understand you want to get everything done on time. Tweek features reminders sent to you over email.

Recurring tasks

Automate your routine by creating recurring tasks that are easy to follow.

Download Tweek

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Best Android Apps of 2021

9. Spike Email – Mail & Team Chat:

Spike email app is trusted by over 150,000 teams for business email and team chat. Turn your regular mail into chat, and collaborate effortlessly with clients and team members alike.
Even users not on Spike see the same, professional emails.

Spike’s smart email chat boosts teamwork productivity, responsiveness, collaboration, clears the clutter, and keeps emails organized!

How can Spike email chat help you and your team be more productive at work?
Spike email brings all of your communication: emails, chats, calls, tasks, to-do lists, calendar events, docs, reminders, and team collaborations into one place.

Spike’s conversational email inbox brings together the best of mail and messenger features in a simple, fast, organized, and secured email & business chat app. Instead of managing multiple email threads or chat apps, you can create a group chat using your mail account.

Spike’s intelligent Priority Inbox removes distractions so you can stay focused and get things done. It sorts the important messages first and moves low-priority email messages to the side for later.

Organize and prioritize your tasks and team projects, create, manage, set reminders, send calendar events, and complete tasks all from your Inbox. Collaborate with your team and share documents without leaving your Inbox.

Spike works with all email providers. Just log in and connect your existing email account to get started.

Spike is an email for business, business chat, video meetings app, a to-do list & notes, a calendar, an inbox, a notepad, a checklist, a task manager, a project management tool, a reminder, and overall the best email productivity app for your business or team that you’ll ever need.

• Conversation Search – Find anything you need in your email conversations
• Quote Replies – Reply to specific messages easily
• Undo Send – Made a mistake? You’ve got 10 secs to undo that email message
• Send Email Later – Schedule any item to hit someone else’s inbox at the right time
• Unsubscribe – Unsubscribe and block spam emails
• Bulk Actions – Mark as read, delete, or archive thousands of mail messages at once
• Smart email search, mail reminders, follow-ups emails, snooze emails, and more

• All Spike notes, calendar events, documents, tasks, group chats, and email accounts sync seamlessly across all devices (mobile & desktop), in real-time
• Collaborate, communicate and chat with anyone or any business, even if they don’t use the Spike mail app
• Notes, to-do lists, and group chats are built on top of an extremely powerful app
• Boost your productivity and teamwork with a single email inbox app – no need for multiple collaboration apps

Spike mail is ad-free and does not rent, sell, distribute or monetize on your data. Ever.
We believe that privacy and security are essential to any conversation. Our secure email encryption keeps your data safe.

Download Spike

10. Sleep Timer (Music & Screen Off):

Sleep Timer can stop your music after a set amount of time and can also turn your screen off.

It works just like a Sleep Timer on TV
Sleep Timer softly lowers the volume and then turns your music off (not all players are yet supported). If you have watched a stream Sleep Timer can also turn your screen off. These functions prevent your battery from draining.

Simple design and easy to use
Select how long you want the music or stream to play, press Start, and Sleep Timer will appear in the notification bar. You can extend the length or cancel the timer directly from the notification message. (If you have more than one notification, swipe the Sleep Timer notification down to see the buttons.)

Free version
The free version contains ads.

Unlocked version via in-app purchase

How to uninstall (IMPORTANT):
Sleep Timer uses the device administration function to turn off your screen. It needs to be deactivated before uninstall.
Just go to the App-Settings > disable the “Turn off screen” option > uninstall or go to Phone-Settings > Location & Security > Select device administrators > uncheck Sleep Timer > uninstall.
Permissions explained:
• Google Play billing service: Unlocked version.
• Internet/network access: Required for Google Play access and bug reports.
• Wi-Fi connections / Bluetooth: Allows Sleep Timer to turn off Wi-Fi/Bluetooth once your music has been stopped.

Download Sleep Timer

Top 7 Best Must Have Android Apps 2021

Best Android Apps of 2021

11. Foca: Pomodoro Focus Timer, Stretch Exercise:

Foca combines Pomodoro Timer with Stretching Exercises, aiming to help you cultivate productive and healthy work habits.


Focus Timer
– Customizable focus time
– Notification & vibration at the end of a Pomodoro
– Pause and resume Pomodoro
– Labels of Pomodoro

White Noise
– White noise helps you to concentrate
– Various ambient sounds including Dawn Forest, Seashore, Berliner Cafe!

Stretching Exercises
– Simple stretching exercises after a focus session
– Vivid voice and illustration guidance.
– Stretches of the neck, shoulder, back, hands, legs, and whole body.
– Relieve office syndrome.

Statistic Reports
– Statistics of your focus time over time
– Distribution of your time on each Pomodoro label.

– Start a focus session.
– Concentrate on your work with white noise and minimalist background.
– At the end of the focus session, you can choose to start stretching exercises, take a break, or skip the break session.

Note: Some mobile phone manufacturers (especially Huawei) take very aggressive measures against apps that need to run in the background, to save battery life. If Foca App gets killed, please follow the steps below to improve stability:

1. Turn off battery-saving mode.
2. Lock the app on the multi-task screen.

Or you can turn on the “Screen Always On” switch in the settings, to avoid background running.

Download FOCA

12. One Deep Breath:

Use our simple, science-based breathing exercises to stay calm, energized, and productive, all day, every day.

Upgrade your physical and mental health with breathing techniques trusted by Navy Seals, Olympic athletes, and emergency responders.

Stay focused and productive all day long by setting reminders to breathe when you use distracting apps. Break bad screen habits at the source.

Create personalized reminders so that you can start your day refreshed and energized, and go to bed relaxed and calm.

Download One Deep Breath

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Best Android Apps of 2021

13. Glass 12 KWGT:

Glass 12 kwgt has 48 (more will be added soon) android 12 style glass widgets, which will automatically extract color from your wallpaper, and apply it to the widget. You can turn this feature off in globals. This feature allows the widgets to blend in with any wallpaper, to produce beautiful home screens according to your liking. More widgets will be added soon

Weather komponents by Alfonso pérez


– Kwgt Maker app
– Kwgt PRO KEY app
– Custom launcher like Nova Launcher

How to install:

– Download Glass 12 KWGT, Kwgt Maker and Kwgt PRO KEY
– Long press the home screen and select the Widget
– Choose Kwgt Widget
– Tap on the widget and choose Installed Glass 12 KWGT
– Choose the widget you like
– Enjoy!

If the widget is not the correct size, use the scale in the global KWGT option to apply the correct size.

Download Glass 12 KWGT

14. Themed Icons:

This app will let you create app shortcuts that will adapt to your wallpaper colors just like android 12.

This app mainly focuses on bringing features of “Themed Icons” as seen in DP2 3 of android 12 to older devices running Android 8 and above.

Features include:
– Beautiful Interface
– Easy switching between icon packs
– Organized selection of wallpaper colors as well as some basic colors that will go ahead with any wallpaper
– Dark/Monochromatic icons
– Effortless refresh of wallpaper colors using a shortcut or QS tile
– Light/Dark Theme
– No unnecessary permissions

Permission Details:
– Storage permission: To get the wallpaper image and wallpaper colors for the icons

Download Themed Icons

So these are the Best Android Apps of 2021. These are the Best and top feature android apps in 2021. So let me know your thoughts about the best android apps in 2021 in the comment section below.

Best Android Apps of 2021

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