Top 6 Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Top 6 Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

If you got your new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Then today I will show you the top 6 best apps for Samsung galaxy note 20 Ultra or note 20.

These apps that I will show you today will increase the functionalities and customization features. These apps will also help you to work efficiently and do things faster and easier and you just be able to have more fun with your new phone.

Top 6 Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

1.One Hand Operation Plus:

This app will help you to add swipe gestures and simple one-handed operations to your Samsung galaxy note 20 or note 20 ultra. The size of the Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra is very big so with this app you can simply add operations to simply access your note 20 ultra.

You can also choose gesture size from both the left and right sides according to your choice. You can also adjust the position of gestures using this app. With this app, you can easily use your device with your thumb gesture.

When the feature is set, a thin gesture handle is added to the left/right side of the screen.
Swipe this handle to execute the defined functions. The default function is the most frequently used back button.

You can set various functions for horizontal/diagonal up/down diagonal gestures.
Once you get used to using short swipe gestures, you can set more features for long swipe gestures.

Depending on the size of your hand, the thickness of your thumb, or the shape of the bumper case you are using, different handle settings are provided to optimize gesture recognition.

The handle receives the user’s touch event on top of the running app. It can interfere with running applications. Therefore, it is recommended to set the handle as thin as possible for gesture recognition.

If the touch interference is severe with running applications such as game, you can set [App exceptions] in [Advanced Settings], then the gesture handles will not work when the app is running.

Currently, available functions are as follows, and we plan to provide additional function upgrades.


  • Back key
  • Home key
  • Recent key
  • Menu key
  • Apps screen
  • Previous app
  • Forward ( web browser )
  • Open the notification panel
  • Open quick panel
  • Screen off
  • Close app
  • Flashlight
  • Split-screen view
  • Assistance app
  • Finder search
  • Screenshot
  • Show/hide navigation bar
  • Floating navigation buttons
  • Pull the screen down
  • One-handed mode
  • Power key menu
  • Home screen shortcuts
  • Start application
  • Task switcher
  • Virtual touchpad
  • Quick tools

    Enjoy the convenience of gestures on your phone and tablet with this app.

App Features:

  • Adjust position according to your choice.
  • Add gestures to both left and right.
  • Chose any gesture according to your need.

Download One Hand Operation Plus

2.Sound Assistant:

The sound utility available on the galaxy series
Provides various convenience functions related to audio
– Allow you to control the media volume instead of ringtone when pressing the volume keys
– Support individual application volume (You can control the volume of music and games differently)
– 150 steps of fine volume and support Floating Equalizer(EQ)
– Create and activate personalize sound settings
– Support mono audio and left/right balance
– Touch the app volume icon in the floating dialog to play/pause and long click to enter the app.

The following features are available only if the Samsung Experience version of the smartphone on which Sound Assistant is installed is 8.5 or later.
※ How to check Samsung Experience Version : Run SoundAssistant – Top right menu – About
– Default volume step when pressing volume button can now be changed
– Audio output of an application can now be switched between Bluetooth or speaker via floating volume dialog (how to use :
– EQ settings can now be saved and shared

Features Available from Samsung Experience version 9.0
– Ability to swap left and right sounds on headphones
– Ability to hear ringtone, notification, and alarm sounds only through headphones when headphone is connected.

App Features:

  • Separate Sound Features.
  • Adjust volume at a time for several apps.
  • Customize Volume panel.

Download Sound Assistant

3.Samsung Video Library:

You can browse and play video content.
It also provides a clear and straightforward layout, when you select Samsung Video Player for playing video clip,
it may provide a seamless user experience.

[Major Features]
■ Viewing
□ Videos / Folders Tab
□ List / Grid View
□ Search
□ Sort by – Title / Time
□ Sort by Order
– Ascending / Descending
□ Support pinch to zoom
– Using multi-touch you can enlarge thumbnails
□ File Tag (360 videos, DRM, Slow motion, and Hyperlapse video)
□ Resume position card
– It shows the last video you played

■ Managing
□ Provides Editor/Delete on video content(You can download Video Editor)
□ You can share video content with friends via various sharing functions that the device supports
– Email, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, YouTube …
□ You can select and move contents if multiple folders exist
□ You can rename a file
□ You may select video content then delete or make it private**
** – ‘Private’ functionality available if the device supports any of the following
: Secure Folder, Private Mode, or KNOX service.

* Supported device: Samsung Galaxy Series (some models are not supported due to hardware dependency)

App Features:

  • Videos in Sorted Manner.
  • Browse all your videos in one app.
  • Simply search for your favorite videos.

Download Samsung Video Library


Samsung has just released its new app for customization features of S-pen. There are now new air command menus. Now you can also change the pointers of the S-pen points. You can also customize the double-tap with s-pen and many functions with this app.

App Features:

  • Change pointer Points.
  • Customize Air commands according to your taste.
  • Add Gestures according to your choice.

Download Pentastic

5.Edge Lighting Edge+:

The Apps edge displays your five most frequently used apps for you to access at a moment’s notice.

Similarly, Tasks edge speeds things up rather nicely for you. Add shortcuts to apps or functions you enjoy using most with your phone, such as taking selfies, creating new calendar events, or sending a text.

The edge panel works when the device is in standby mode. Slide your finger along the edge when the display is in standby mode to view the information you need, including news updates and the weather forecast.

When faced down, the edge lighting feature lights up the edged screen when you receive calls or notifications. You can color code up to five contacts that will appear in their respective colors when they get in touch, while all other calls or notifications will be shown in neutral bright light.

App Features:

  • Change colors of edge lighting according to your choice.
  • Many new Edge lighting.
  • Customize edge lighting according to your choice.

Download Edge Lighting+


Customizable Wallpaper & Background App is being created to provide a new experience in wallpaper application. Crisper provides you with 2D customizable illustrations as well as customizable HD / UHD / 4K royalty-free wallpapers from for you to use as wallpaper background and/or assets for your projects.

Crisper provides you with editing tools to edit images from Unsplash and or illustrations with inbuilt editors.

You can fine-tune the wallpaper image to your liking with editing options such as brightness, contrast, crop, blur, and much more. You decide what you want.

• More than 200 Thousand UHD/4K Unsplash wallpaper images to choose from.

• Minimal 2D illustrations to create a customized flat & minimal wallpapers & images.

• Edit images before saving, sharing or setting as wallpaper.

• Fine tune Unsplash images with inbuilt image editor with many features such as brightness, contrast, saturation, blur, vignette and many more.

• Apply effects to wallpaper images such as pixelation, emboss, sepia and more.

• Customize illustration with several tools such as resize, color and more.

• Search through the whole Unsplash images.

• An auto-wallpaper changer to provide you with fresh wallpaper at your specified time and much more.

• In Auto-Wallpaper settings you can set customization such as filters & effects and it will be applied automatically when images are updated.

• High-quality wallpaper images for large and high-resolution display phones such as Galaxy S20, S20+, 8 Pro, etc

Download Crisper

These are the top best apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. So these are the top essential apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G. So let me know your favorite best Apps For Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in the comment section below and as always I’ll see you tomorrow.

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